Monday, March 16, 2015

"Villalba has dug himself a hole he could very well spend the next two years clawing his way out of."

New questions about Texas’ scandalous “Cop Watcher” bill


PO'd American said...

Time to initiate a recall of this weasel ba$tard.

Anonymous said...

It all boils down to cops "fear". Pussies should go get another job.

Anonymous said...

Uh, since when does govt get to decide who gets to exercise 1st Amendment rights?


Roger said...

As a retired LEO I would say this-
The only cop who is 'fearful' of a citizen with a camera is the 'badge heavy' cop who SHOULD be fearful (of a citizen with a camera) because that citizen may cost that cop his job...and that would be a good thing. Any other LEO has no fear of a camera.

Anonymous said...

Ok. All you Texans out there. I think I see a way around Villalba's ass-hattery.

"This is how the bill describes “news media”:

(2)”News media” means:
(A)a radio or television station that holds a license issued by the Federal Communications Commission;"

All you amateur (ham) radio operators in Texas - This proposed crap doesn't say that you have to be a COMMERCIAL radio station. Just be licensed by the FCC. And a ham radio operator is just that.
SOOOO - - - print up some "credentials" for your cop-watching friends and acquaintances, as non-paid employees.

And then you can post those videos on a blog. Nothing there about having to broadcast them over the radio station airwaves (not allowed under current amateur radio rules).

I've done the heavy lifting. I leave the details to you. Good luck, and lotsa fun.

B Woodman

FedUp said...

Anonymous said...

A camera can be out in the open for all to see or it can be concealed so the target subject has no clue he is being caught on video. I love the reactions of those cops who can see the camera but the best is when they haven't got a clue they are TOAST until it is too late. I once had some squatters living next door who thought my cameras were FAKE. Should have seen the look on their faces when they realized the camera were REAL and the JUDGE was explaining to them what he was watching. PRICELESS. With my system, I know where the blind spots are and no one else does. Makes it convenient when I want to stay out of the picture and they get caught acting stupid.