Monday, March 16, 2015

Open Letter to the Sheriffs of Washington State

"In the last few months, the citizens of Washington State have come under fire from both state and federal officials. They have been subject to everything from surveillance to being viewed through the scope of a sniper’s rifle—manned by a fellow citizen. The people have appealed to the governor to no avail. According to Governor Inslee’s office, he has no jurisdiction over the federal authorities who seek to subvert liberty and control the populace. He is incorrect, but the People accept that he is complicit in the criminal enslavement of the citizens."


PO'd American said...

Wonderful letter, I sincerely wish each of the protesters the best of results. This is where the line has been drawn.

Uncle Elmo said...

Excellent. Thanks, Mike.

Anonymous said...

Sheriffs are cops first and foremost and therefore a part of the corrupt system that perpetrated these abuses on the citizenry; they won't do a thing.

Anonymous said...

"Sheriffs are cops first and foremost and therefore a part of the corrupt system that perpetrated these abuses on the citizenry; they won't do a thing."

Well yes and no....

In a typical County in the US of A the Sheriff is an elected official that answers to no one but the voters of said county. That puts him and the department he heads in a slightly different position than that of a chief of police who answers to a mayor, city manager, or city commission. Whether the voters hold him accountable for whatever politically correct foolishness his department gets in to instead of protecting the civil rights of the county's residents is another matter.

Anonymous said...

Kit Lange has not missed a thing in this well-written article. We’ve never met, yet personal knowledge of her is not needed to feel her vibrant integrity and tenacious grasp of liberty all patriots should be thirsting for. Thank you, Kit, for your actions, your deeds, your leadership, and your resolve. I’ve served commanders with far less.

I took an oath upon entering the USAF in 1954. It was a new step for me, but I was thrilled to be making it. I understood the Constitution and how our Founding Fathers had shaped our Republic. How could I have not, as such learning was an integral part of a high school education. Today? Not so much.

But there was one puzzling aspect of my oath of enlistment: …all enemies both foreign and domestic. Quite honestly, at that time, I could not imagine America---the greatest nation on earth---having a domestic enemy. Today, six decades after giving my oath, a little longer in the tooth, and a bit wiser to the vermin infesting our land, I can clearly see countless examples of domestic enemies.

So what to do?

To borrow Kit’s words: We remain non-violent, we remain principled and peaceful, but make no mistake: These abuses of our liberties will end now. We will not comply.

I agree and stand with her on this. How will it all play out? No crystal ball is needed. The oath I spoke of earlier did not come with an expiration date, so I’m still all-in with all I have in defense of America, the Land That I love.

Anonymous said...

This is a testament to why Soros engaged in his Sectatary of State campaign. Through Secretaries he has managed to eliminate county sheriff offices entirely. In other places, St LOUIS is a good example, legislators and executives have combined, conspired, to usurp the office of Sheriff another way - by suspending election of sheriff, supplanting election with executive appointment AND control. Those effectively turns county sheriff into a quasi State police - controlled by the executive, the governor. Sheriffs are under our LAST line of defense in seeking redress. This open letter, though it will go unheard and unaddressed, speaks truth to power about what their long chain of abuses ONCE AGAIN leads to.

People dismiss this action. They think it a joke. They think it meaningless and foolish. To those mental midgets I say this - king Goerge and HIS COURT, well, they thought it foolish when they were being WARNED as well.

I Stand. Not one more inch. I will not bow and I will not beg. I am a Citizen, of both my natural born country and of the state in which I choose to reside. I own inalienable, fundamental and sometimes enumerated specifically certain rights, both privileges and immunities, that bind government via Constitution to observe, preserve, protect and defend. I am no slave, I am no subject. I make plainly known that I do NOT consent to corporations acting in place of Constitutionally bound governments and I reject the use and abuse of any corporate representation of me, as a subject.

WITH those who sign and send this open letter of qualified grievances, complete with lawful solution, I STAND PROUDLY SHOULDER TO SHOULDER across this mighty and benevolent nation. No more can corrupt and evil Slavemasters operate under color of law to usurp individual Liberty and violate the Supreme law, relegating is to civil kangaroo courts in attempt to avoid their own criminal statutes. The time has come, finally, to hold the corrupt to account for their transgressions. If it not the sheriffs be, then to the Citizen Militia the duty falls upon. On all our shoulders the duty rests. I stand to lift - in any way possible. Ink or lead, paragraph or copper, the weight of oppression will be lifted.