Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The E.N.D. Game and the End of Games. "No tyrannical politicians or their bureaucratic, economic or propagandist minions were harmed in the filming of this exercise." And R.A. Bear advises: "In the event of civil war, aim for the nabobs."

An Indian nabob.
A Field Training Exercise, generally shortened to the acronym "FTX", describes a coordinated exercise conducted by military units for training purposes. Field training exercises are usually practice "mini-battles" which provide fairly realistic scenarios and situations based on actual situations a unit might face if deployed. -- Wikipedia.
There were armed citizens training in the desert of Arizona and up on the Llano Estacado of eastern New Mexico this weekend. Likewise in the melting snows of Ohio and Michigan, in rainy North Carolina and Alabama, and behind enemy lines in Connecticut, Colorado, New York and out in Washington state -- and those are just the ones I know about personally. These are formally known as Field Training Exercises, or FTXs, a variety of what are sometimes sloppily referred to as "war games."
Webster's Dictionary defines the word "game" with a variety of meanings that are great and small, even contradictory. The first listing is "an activity engaged in for diversion or amusement." This is not what those folks engaged in military training were about. Diversion and amusement were the last things on their minds.
There is an increasing sense in this country that night is falling, that we are at the end of our previously bright, sunny, optimistic day and, perhaps, arriving at the sudden end of days for many of us. It is this foreboding that motivates otherwise busy people whose lives are full of competing demands to put them aside and train to efficiently defend themselves collectively -- to practice how best to kill other folks who are trying to kill them. This is no game, at least not one played for sport.
There are other definitions of the word "game," of course. Webster's tells us that among these are "a procedure or strategy for gaining an end (tactic)" and "an illegal or shady scheme or maneuver." There are a lot of those kind of games being played by forces of the militarized federal police these days. Activists in Washington state report being tailed, out in the middle of that state's eastern high desert, by small convoys white Tahoes with heavily tinted windows as well as other forms of harassment -- designed to pressure them into unforced errors of minor traffic laws so that they may be "legitimately" detained for interview and arrest. This chicken excrement police state activity actually does more to illustrate the Feds' essential limp-dicked impotence than anything else, but it also is an invitation to the kind of misadventure that can get people inadvertently killed -- or start a civil war.
Another definition of "game" is "a physical or mental competition conducted according to rules with the participants in direct opposition to each other." Yet another is "animals under pursuit or taken in hunting." With these we begin to approach the mindset of those tax-paid meatheads in the white Tahoes. Their misapprehension is that the rules by which they've operated for years still obtain. (See my earlier post U.S. Marshal's Service: Risking Civil War From A Failure of Institutional Memory. Bundy Ranch -- only with bullets this time.) They really believe that they are the mighty imperial fedgov and that they've got more guns, power, intelligence and determination than those of us who still believe in the Founder's concepts of liberty do. Used to dealing with common criminals, they feel comfortable in their certainty that we're just a variant of that reality. They believe that they are the hunters and we are the game. And they will be the hunters (for we have no interest in anything besides being left alone) until they really screw up and the tables are turned, when they will become the game as well. And they will be astonished when that, sadly, tragically, but predictably, happens. Some of them terminally so.
As an amateur historian, this is not something I'm advocating -- indeed I'm doing my best to avoid it -- but it is something that is entirely foreseeable. For words on a page are powerful things and they can kill. The words that will later be used to justify the killing of you and me and many, many innocents are already written in some dry bureaucratese in an agency report, a federal judge's decision, a "Presidential Decision Directive." They will be hauled out after the fact in some Nuremberg maneuver to explain that all those deaths really weren't their personal fault. They were only executing "the law" and "policy." You don't have to be able to cite the document and page to know that. Our death warrants are already written -- if the powers that be are stupid enough to try to enforce them in their ignorance that they are in fact mutual death warrants -- a suicide pact for an entire society, a whole country, and the end of everything they and we have known.
End: noun, "a point that marks the limit of something; the point at which something no longer continues to happen or exist." -- Webster's Dictionary.
The E.N.D. Game: "Exterminating the Nabobs of Dictatorship."
I was made aware recently of another game now being played by some liberty-minded folks in this country. Mindful that 4th generation warfare requires a very different sort of FTX, these people are playing what I call the E.N.D. Game, for "Exterminating the Nabobs of Dictatorship."
Now "nabob" is not a word you encounter in conversation. The apex of its usage in American politics came about when Spiro Agnew called the news media the "nattering nabobs of negativism." Still, it is a very descriptive word for certain purposes.
According to Webster's "nabob" comes from the Hindi word navāb (nawāb in Urdu and nuwwāb in arabic) meaning "governor" during the period of Mogul Empire. It is defined as "a very rich or important person; a person of great wealth or prominence." Synonyms include "big boy, big cheese, bigfoot, biggie, big gun, big leaguer, big-timer, big wheel, bigwig, fat cat, heavy, heavy hitter, heavyweight, high-muck-a-muck (or high-muckety-muck), honcho, kahuna, kingfish, kingpin, major leaguer, muckety-muck (also muck-a-muck or mucky-muck), big shot, nawab, nibs, nob [chiefly British], pooh-bah (also poo-bah), wheel." Phew. Well, you get the idea. In the bureaucratic terms of tyranny this adequately describes the decision takers and the war makers. Not the foot soldiers. No, these are the Heydrichs, the Eichmanns, the people whose orders fill the trains, get them running in the same direction to the east -- to the showers and the ovens.
The E.N.D. Game is, as they say, in developmental stage, but its practitioners tell me that it involves "grey men" and volunteer "nabob" targets. A team of grey men and women are given the name of a target -- the volunteer nabob -- and sketchy information as to his or her job, whereabouts, etc. The grey men then flesh out an intelligence profile of the nabob, beginning with untraceable research (using anonymous computer and library open sources). This information is crafted into a surveillance plan, then an action plan. Finally, comes the field training exercise where the nabob is, shall we say, forcibly retired in a simulated sense.
A variant of the Assassination Game, the E.N.D. Game is much more complex and puts a premium on techniques that minimize forensic traces of the participants.
It is played ONLY with volunteers, as the use of such techniques on an actual nabob would be highly illegal, even absent the last act, simulated or not. Were it a video game, it would come with the disclaimer "No tyrannical politicians or their bureaucratic, economic or propagandist minions were harmed in the filming of this exercise."
It is an interesting game, and I am looking forward to seeing a complete praxis on how to win it. I only pray it comes before the E.N.D. Game is transmogrified by the events created by a blundering nascent tyranny into the end of games -- and the end of days -- for many of us.
LATER: Ramsey A. Bear, with his usual incisiveness, has distilled down the previous essay in one short line: "In the event of civil war, aim for the nabobs."


Anonymous said...

"aim for the 'nabobs'"

...That's what 'the list' is all about. It's an unspoken list that has criterion instead of actual names, set up so that anybody who is read in to our side of the rhetoric just knows who belongs on the list.

Maybe we should call it the 10,000 heads list. Culling the right 10,000 heads would pretty much end socialist, communist, liberalism in our country. I repeat...OUR COUNTRY!

iwitness02 said...

Even Ray Charles could see this fight coming. But few can articulate the realty of it like you can Mike. I seen a headline that stated that Gabby Gifford is headed to CT.... just never stops.

RHodes said...

Thank you Mike.

Anonymous said...


But one proviso, "a suicide pact for an entire society, a whole country, and the end of everything they and we have known."

Suicide is a correct direction and outcome, I have no doubt. But it began as a premeditated homicide of America, her traditions, values, liberties, freedom and her constitution and bill of rights, by members of her government and others in society, notably the "Nabobs" of the media.

All of it is fully intentional and deliberate, and it will be the media's job to contain any outbreak by lying to the American people again, about what is actually transpiring.

The heroes of course will be government, the media and those other members of society.

The villains will be those who just wanted to be left alone.

Always remember that YOU didn't start this. Remember too, that they believe this is containable and winnable. It follows therefore that this is inevitable and unavoidable, since there is no indication of any kind that constitutional government is their desire, their constant lies not withstanding.

It is in fact, the conspiracy you always thought it was.

Anonymous said...

On the general subject of "war game" (Kriegsspiel in German)



Anonymous said...

As the flag says;

Don't thread on me!

That snake will bite when provoked!

Death before slavery!

Comrade X

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt that we can win this conflict with the 'nabobs', over the rest of the world when they confronted with lawless tyranny. The difference is that we have a God given and SCOTUS certified right to bear arms that we have been practicing for 230 years, where the rest of the world does not.

The nabobs have nothing to go on when they theorized they could win against an armed society, when what they are doing has never been tried against an armed society, oh...except for that little skirmish against King George, which he lost...TWICE!

No, it may be scarey and bloody, but the nabobs will lose. There's just too many of us. I just want those of us who are committed to the fight to make a pact that we will purge the liberals and their ideology from our midst, once and for all.

Jimmy the Saint said...

@Anonymous: "Remember too, that they believe this is containable and winnable."

Not so sure about that - like as not, they (at least the big fish ones) don't care. If they win, they win. If they "lose," they leave here, take most of their wealth with them, and set up shop in one of their second homes somewhere nice.

Then they regroup and try again in a generation or two.

Anonymous said...

What fight? You are preparing for a hypothetical battle that will never materialize. News flash - no one wants to take your guns nor do they want to prevent you from amassing more. The reality is that in today's packed, hyper violent society the lines between law abiding open carry and those intent on doing harm are blurred.

It Texas passes open carry the number of non-open carry states will be down to 7. Not up to 7, not steady at 7 but down to 7. As a matter of math, that's 14% of the states in total.

While I seriously disagree with your reading of the 2nd amendment and see zero evidence that anyone has said that God gave you the right to openly carry (after all, the bible was written before guns were even contemplated)I have no interest in disarming you.

My biggest concern in all this is that someone one either your side of the reactionary other side will, well, overreact and innocent people will be harmed.

Is it really so hard to imaging given the violent language you use that there would be those who would fear you intend to them harm?

From my perspective (middle of the road politics, socially liberal, fiscally conservative), if anything you suffer from a lack of a palatable spokesperson. Not that you need to change your position or your beliefs. Think of it this way, it wasn't until the recreational marijuana advocates found allies in the legal and law enforcement community that they got any traction and see how far they have run with it.

Whether or not your rights are inalienable, subject to any restrictions or not, until you find a way to get people to listen they will never hear your message.

Also from the outside your movement suffers from a lack of focused, centralized, organized and consistent message.

Now, let the name calling, piling on and 'he's not a patriot' rhetoric begin.

Anonymous said...

Off subject but, did this get missed? I can't believe I missed it until today........http://www.al.com/news/birmingham/index.ssf/2015/03/birmingham_1_of_6_pilot_sites.html

Anonymous said...

If the nabobs start something, we will finish it.

If one innocent dies, 100 nabobs will miss their evening single-malt.

Once over, like the Israelis have shown, there will be no safe place to hide, except perhaps in space.

One advantage of increased hemp production is manila rope, excellent for the "Spandau Ballet".

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Prep Prep and Prep..Then Prep some more!
befriend, lie and flatter, as they do.
Intell is all around

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I think Anonymous at 8:07 AM underestimates the scope of the problem. Many of those in the white Tahoes are a lot closer to mindless automatons than may be pleasant to believe.

The cause of the problem is not the 1%, it's 1/100 of the 1%, and just in the U.S. that is more -- a lot more than the lowball figure. And those in the Tahoes are, without ever consciously recognizing it, are their protectors. We know they are mercenaries, they do not. I honestly do not know how many of them would truly be capable at this point of recognizing the nature of the beast whom they so ignorantly serve.

And as Stewart Rhodes' organization has ably demonstrated, there are some among the ranks who could otherwise occupy those Tahoes (but make a conscious choice every day not to) who are conscious of the nature of the system, and serve the Constitution to the best of their ability in a woefully corrupt system, and they are invaluable.

But many hearts are so hardened against their fellow man and his inherent rights to life and liberty, and I don't see that changing until the paradigm changes to the point where they are forced to adapt (and even then, some still may not).

Re-education camps are not the answer, though Deuteronomy 6 is part of the answer.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @
March 17, 2015 at 6:07 PM

It is not my job to educate you to things that should be evident to ANYONE who cares to actually study this matter in depth.

Evidently you are incapable of reading simple texts of a historical and legal nature and deriving any meaning from them, that you don't personally agree with. Which absolutely confirms not only your ignorance but your overwhelming arrogance.

You seem to seriously believe that you are as good or better than, John Locke, George Mason, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Charles De Montesquieu, George Santayana, The framers of the Magna Carta, and virtually anyone else who preceded you in political though on freedom and individual liberties.

The list is large and is in COMPLETE disagreement with you, in every respect. You would know that if you studied the matter. But you haven't and don’t care to because you are more important than anyone else as are your opinions, which have no basis in fact at all.

You are not the equal of these men nor women such as Abigail Adams but I do suspect that you are at least the equal of the depots of history, who would be very much in agreement with you.

Which is why there is an America.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy the Saint
@ March 17, 2015 at 2:43 PM

Jimmy, I would have to disagree with you. This is every bit the conspiracy we always thought it was, brought to us by determined Marxists, who we all seem to know, even when the media won't report on it.

Sure, there are those who know that this could go sideways for them and they no doubt have their hands close to the ejection handles. But the majority of these people have little clue that they are even involved because they have been fed the koolaid from day one and were educated to Marxian thought and precepts without ever being told that that was what they were. Which makes them very dangerous enemies of freedom and individual liberties. Having access to power, they will do what good little Marxist do.

All we wanted was to be left alone but they don't. They want to change the world and those changes will be Marxist because they can't help themselves. The cycle will then repeat with the re-importation of the self-exiled leaders and the new ones who will fill any vacuum if there is any. I don't personally think there will be.

This is an international effort which I personally believe was initially fostered by the Soviets but is now self actualized within American society. We just saw some of them try to take out the prime minister of Israel. It is organized and international which also means that it is treason, my definition anyway.

Anonymous said...

ag42b, whatever you say man. Like Funk Master Flex said "talk is cheap mother ##@$$#. People have already been assassinated. Just look at the banker death rate these days. Oh my bad, they aren't your people so you dont care. They are just crazy kooks like the Branch Davidians.

Anonymous said...

Anonymouse @ March 18, 2015 at 9:54 AM

Trolling here will net you the wrong type of fish. Quoting rap performers gives me an excellent idea of your age.

I have little interest in the life expectancy of banksters. That is something suited to statisticians. After all, someone else insures them.

Most Branch Davidians burned to death were women and children. Perhaps you haven't gotten to that point in history in middle school.

My only suggestion is to study history, for it often repeats itself. I would pay particular attention to the addresses of presidents Washington and Eisenhower, when they were leaving office.

Anonymous said...

"Sure, there are those who know that this could go sideways for them and they no doubt have their hands close to the ejection handles. But the majority of these people have little clue that they are even involved because they have been fed the koolaid from day one and were educated to Marxian thought and precepts without ever being told that that was what they were. Which makes them very dangerous enemies of freedom and individual liberties. Having access to power, they will do what good little Marxist do."

Then perhaps they should be reading this:


Sadly, they will not, at least not in enough numbers to affect the outcome.

Oregon Hobo said...

I've been wondering what might be the issues involved in operating a "Persons Of Interest" Wiki (poiwiki?). It would be OSINT of the grow-your-own variety, all aggregated into nice easy packages ready to print.

In the spirit of charity and brotherly love I would point out the mutual benefit to be had by making this information in its aggregated form readily available to both sides.

While I presume any savvy contributors (and users) would want to work anonymously from coffee shops on dedicated garage sale laptops (ie purchased ftf with cash, leaving no bread crumbs like mailing addresses, phone calls, emails, or even just reading a for sale ad on craiglist), running TAILS, paying for their latte with cash, and leaving their cell phone and vehicle at home, I can't think of any laws prohibiting the actual hosting and operation of such a thing. Anyone?

Happy trails,


Anonymous said...

just stopping thru to say, "yes, we're training". we're doing some recon training on ourselves for now, just to avoid any "complications". it's a skill we see doing more of and we don't burn thru a lot of ammo either.

oregon hobo -- maybe not a proper wiki for that pertinent information, but if you look at something like the country handbooks easily found on publicintelligence.net, we could all contribute to the general library.

the off-topics took a little curve towards the end. guess some people have time to be "pajama-boy" and argue rather than getting out and training. thanks for the article. it has several good points i'll bring up at the next ftx. your work is still important to us all, mike.

Lt. Greyman, NVA said...

I would feel far better about the state of readiness and commitment if I had not come from Ferguson where the "oathkippers" vanished like snow in the desert sun while Soros poured 33 million dollars into the #blacklivesmatter to keep his minions alive and watched with glee as the little people raced around and literally crushed a small American city in real time.

Aug through March was a real eye opener. The "oathkippers" are a business interest now, and want to protect their right to buy firearms and carry and make money so that one day they can be the next Blackwater, or at least work for them.

Homes burned, Businesses burned, Businesses fled and the White townspeople broke or fled.

At least the NVA are centered around our extended family and a new Constitution.

Oregon Hobo said...

Welp, looks like someone else picked up on the list idea and ran with it.


Looks like they showcased a lot of officers. I'd wager the enlisted guys are likely Rangers, SEALs, Green Berets, MARSOCs, Army Airborne, etc. Frankly I'm kinda surprised it took this long.

The reaction to this will warrant watching and taking notes.

Happy trails,


Oregon Hobo said...

Mr. Tensmiths,

The reason I proposed a wiki is because of the need for evidence. Would you feel comfortable acting on some entry in a list that was posted online by someone you've never met, entirely on his/her say-so? How do you even know the publisher is who he/she claims to be? Surely we can see the potential for such a thing to go very very wrong. Now mix in hearty portion of false-flagging.

There is unlikely to be a unified authority publishing this sort of information. The far more likely scenario would be that such a "list" would be a distributed effort, which means it will behoove each individual to thoroughly vet that information before taking any sort of action on it.

A wiki would allow posting of video and audio clips, as well as links to incriminating news article, publications by the person of interest himself/herself. It would also intrinsically facilitate linking of associates to each other, and to their respective organizations. There is so much unstructured but critical information to be had and shared, and a wiki is just naturally suited to such a task.

While wikis certainly also hold the potential for sabotage, keep in mind that it is also possible to control permissions on a wiki. A small group of admins could authorize a larger group of intel analysts who have proven their integrity, with each submission cryptographically signed. These analysts would also constitute a pool of people to QA each others' work.

Just spitballin' here.


Oregon Hobo said...

Actually this action from ISIS brings to mind another intelligence need on our end. Protection lists.

We would do well to identify former military people in our AO who are likely to be targeted by the regime and its sock puppets, especially during moments of opportunity. If the big purge that some have predicted comes to pass, they may need our help every bit as much as we will need theirs.

I'm not just talking about retired "tip of the spear" guys either. We will need them all. Logistics, comms, intel, and what about senior officers? Where are all those "unreliable" captains, majors, colonels, brigadiers, etc that Obama has been busily pushing out of the service?

How do we find out and get that word out? It's not likely that many such folks would appreciate being posted to a public Wiki, however material such as that which was just published by the Obama Regime's Islamic State minions is a good start. Capture it, save it, and expect more. Identify those on that list who are local, and reach out. Ask if they need anything. As the article says, they may not even be aware that they're on the list. Maybe you'll get blown off, maybe not. Leave your contact info anyway.

As a notable person of interest once said, "You never want to let a serious crisis go to waste." ...and I doubt they will. We should be ready on our end.

Happy trails,