Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Police recording bill presumes to authorize journalists, threaten gun owners

From David Codrea: As one of the two “mere” bloggers banging pots and pans to get that noticed, I take personal exception to government issuing de facto press licenses with criminal penalties should an independent upstart act like all he has rights, too -- probably because I was once threatened with arrest for daring to ask a question of a public figure at a public press conference. I was again threatened by a U.S. Marshal for reporting on ATF inspector harassment of a gun shop, and had to defy ATF when they complained to a judge and presumed to define who could cover their activities.


PO'd American said...

Keep shining lights on the damn roaches and what happens...they all run for the cover of darkness.

Anonymous said...

As I said on an earlier Mike V posting:

Ok. All you Texans out there. I think I see a way around Villalba's ass-hattery.

"This is how the bill describes “news media”:

(2)”News media” means:
(A)a radio or television station that holds a license issued by the Federal Communications Commission;"

All you amateur (ham) radio operators in Texas - This proposed crap doesn't say that you have to be a COMMERCIAL radio station. Just be licensed by the FCC. And a ham radio operator is just that.
SOOOO - - - print up some "credentials" for your cop-watching friends and acquaintances, as non-paid employees.

And then you can post those videos on a blog. Nothing there about having to broadcast them over the radio station airwaves (not allowed under current amateur radio rules).

I've done the heavy lifting. I leave the details to you. Good luck, and lotsa fun.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

All about desperate attempts to control the message and by doing so the clear message is that there is LOTS to hide.

Keep digging. Keep watching. Keep recording.


Anonymous said...

I am currently a HAM radio operator but my license expires in a few months. To renew my HAM ticket I have to provide my Social Security Number and that ain't gonna happen. I currently own 4 of the MARS Modified radios (capable of operating OUT of the Amateur Bands) so they will be reserved for Survival Communications since they won't be on any of the active HAM frequencies.

ag42b said...

Thank you, B. Woodman, for some truly common sense.

Too often, those two words are indicative of collectivist malfeasance. Glad they can still be used for a downright useful idea. W1***