Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fake gun shop video raises questions about truth, compliance with laws

A video produced by States United Against Gun Violence purports to show a fake gun shop in New York City appealing to first-time buyers, who are then recorded on a hidden camera as a man behind the counter turns them against making a purchase by telling them how the firearm he hands them was used to take human life. As per standard practice, a well-financed Astroturf operation relying on slick professional illusion-casters is counted on to make up for lack of grassroots support.


Anonymous said...

only a statist moron would believe anything about this video. If you knew NYC you'd know that a gun store existing in Manhattan, aside from John Jovino's on Centre Street that caters to P.D. personnel, is about as realistic as Formula One racing through Central Park. This whole thing is made up of actors from start to finish....People from the City drive 60+ miles to Middletown in Orange County regularly to shop at Gander Mountain for any firearm and ammo needs. I know because I go that Gander mountain and get into conversations with other patrons. So all their stupid video does is keep their own brainwashed "anti-gunners" in a tight little mind control box. They really are getting quite desperate.

Anonymous said...

pppffffttttt HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! What a bunch of bullshit!! It's so obvious that everyone is an actor. LOL

Anonymous said...

Total BS. In NY and especially in NYC you are not permitted to handle a handgun unless you possess a Pistol Permit!!!

Before a clerk can hand you a handgun He/She will ask to see your permit. This is standard practice and every gun owner in NY knows this. No permit, no fondling a handgun. And in NYC permits are required for long guns also. Most of the ordinance on the walls is not legal in NYC.

Walk into Jovino's you better have your permit in your hand or be quick to produce it.

Someone needs to call the NYPD on this, that clerk broke a few laws.

Robert Fowler said...

It's amazing what Bloomberg's money can get away with. Where did they get a FFL? What about city permits? Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the clerk handing those folks a gun violate the transfer provisions of the SAFE act?

Anyway, I kept waiting for one of the customers listening to the BS story to say "OK, so how much do you want for it?"

Anonymous said...

And for your perusal, 1740s model Charleville French musket.

Used at Battle of Bennington (in Walloomsac, NY 1777), and at the Battle of Plattsburgh, NY in 1814.

Honorably retired as a wall-hanger, although it still works and is maintained. Comes with copies of the service records of those who used it.

Sorry, but illegal in NJ and NYC as no permit was obtained by the deceased veterans.

What did Bloomie do? Empty NYPD's evidence room and hire a bunch of actors? A "machine gun". Seriously?

Anonymous said...

It's even more amazing that people continue to beg for permission slips. Hell, folks are now begging for the "right" to beg for a permission slip. They cheer and support and champion the POSSIBILITY that they MIGHT get to beg for a permission slip....see Texas open carry right about now.

No thanks. I'll stand with Anthony and those like him who have had enough and aren't posers about it. I'll continue to exercise my right without begging for that permission slip and I'll continue to make note of all those "pro gun" folks who tell me I AM the problem, that I AM the trouble. Yeah uh huh.

We have this video because you FUDDS play like you stand and play like you fight, but really you just bow - and mock others trying to assuage your own guilt. Because in Gods EYES, HE KNOWS who is TRULY fighting to keep those rights He endowed us with - and He knows who is lying to themselves, others AND trying to lie to him too.

I look forward to the day that the Fudds admit face and accept the truth - THEY are the enablers of the gun controllers and the cause of videos and ballot initiatives about background checks and yes permission slips too.

Hey Fudds - fuck you too. You are just as bad - or worse- than the fools making that video.

JohninMd.(HELP?!??) said...

This is why 80% lowers are getting popular.....