Thursday, March 19, 2015

Just when you think the government-monopoly-of-violence advocates of CSGV can't get any any loopier.

CSGV condemns 'insurrectionist imagery' of civilian standing up to Chinese tanks
Well, I say, God bless the "insurrectionists."
You know, it is perhaps not so very strange how CSGV is managing to ignore the armed civil disobedience movement. You would think that it would fit right into their meme. It must take mighty self-discipline to ignore us on the fund-raising level because they are abjectly frightened to give us publicity on the strategic level -- for the "I Will Not Comply" movements in the various states are achieving their worst nightmare, nullification of all their collectivist appetites for other people's liberty, property and lives.


Anonymous said...

Another set of data points on the chart proving that Libtardism is a mental disease.

B Woodman

PO'd American said...

They never will "get" it, until they "get" it. Cheers to that bitch Karma that no doubt lives in their basements.

Anonymous said...

Of course they call the guy standing in front of the tank an "insurrectionist" and hate him. They're a bunch of communist control freaks and authoritarians. Red China is their model of a great gov't.

Anonymous said...

CSGV---you folks are hilarious! Ever think outside the box?

No insurrectionist is going to try and fight the US army with his AR15 armed with green tips.

He doesn't want to or need to fight the army! That would be suicide.

He only needs to hunt and eliminate his true enemy--the politicians who give the orders to oppress/arrest/unlawfully imprison the insurrectionist and strip him of his god given rights.

A 22 cal pistol wrapped in a dinner napkin at point blank range will do nicely if you are intent on murder. Why drag an AR15 into the local coffee shop or diner? too cumbersome and too messy. Innocents could be harmed by a round or two over penetrating the body of the soon to be deceased.

Politicians of the oppressive stripe would be wise to remember that the "help" at the restaurant might not be a member of Team Oppression. They won't even see it coming. It's like they have never cracked a history book or something.