Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Glad we were able to piss you off, Obama.

Former Senior White House advisor Dan Pfeiffer admits that one of President Obama’s angriest moments in the White House was after the Senate blocked his push for gun control. “I think one of the most angry I’ve seen him was after the Senate failed to pass background checks in 2013.”


Anonymous said...


A truly complete bag of shit, floating around with all the other Marxists and turds in that lake of filth otherwise known as DC.

Sedition said...

I hope that narcissist chokes on his own dick.
May he rot in hell.

Anonymous said...

Sandy Hook "hardest day of his presidency"? Yeah, hard for him to keep a straight face maybe...and if we were truly lucky his anger would have sent his blood pressure to 250 over 130 and his head would have popped off his shoulders like a Pezz dispenser..

Anonymous said...

Is that where he got the nickname "President Stompy Foot" from his temper tantrum?

Roger said...

Constitution - 1 / The Muslim - 0

Time to use (ATF) subversion, eh? How's that working for you scumbag?

Anonymous said...

Every time I hear about him throwing another tantrum it makes my week so much better.

PO'd American said...

I would pay good money for a video of this tirade. It would play in an endless loop at my house.

Anonymous said...

He brings up meeting with the Sandy Hook parents being so hard - yet what about the 16 year old American child he blew away with a drone strike without charge or trial, let alone the countless foreign children he has killed with drones?

He won't even meet with their relatives, and his former spokesperson said, "He should have had different parents" when asked about it by Luke from wearechange.

He has zero ability to complain about compassion and dead children based on his own direct actions. The sociopath is just upset that he was unable to pass his fascist gun registration scheme despite using those dead kids.

Anonymous said...

Good! Now you know how I feel every day you are in office.

Anonymous said...

Obama's support drove some progressives out of DC in 2014.

Obama's support drove some progressives out of Israel in 2015.

How can I get Obama to support the progressives in CT in 2016???

ExGeeEye said...

Anon at 11:09: IIRC "Stompy Foot" came about when he "closed" the "government" by putting fences around war memorials.

I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Don't think he droned any 16 yo American children. But he did turn that American jihadi to medium rate hamburger. That meets with my approval. His anger about failing on gun control had nothing to do with children. Had only to do with missing what he considered to be a great opportunity to finally overcome the 2nd amendment. That's what makes him madder than anything else. The 2nd stops him from doing so much TO us.

Anonymous said...

Yea I feel no sorrow for him. And his failed presidency. He screwed the lemmings with Obama care. Pulled a false flag @ Sandy Hook. Gov. Ankles Malloy. Fucked us over in Ct. Neither will get our weapons. Behind Enemy Lines. In Unconstitutional Collectivist Ct. We Will Not Stand Down. AAA/O. 11B2O.

the Plinker said...

I hope the little Marxist got at least that mad when BiBi wiped the floor of the Knesset with him and Herzog yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Makes me wish someone with video skills could morph a video of him stamping his feet, similar to Hitler's "jig" loop reel.

Betting pools are illegal in many states, but I'd like to see one guessing where he goes, once out of office? Golf in Indonesia?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4:14

You are incorrect. He murdered Anwar Al Alaki's 16 year old son who no one has even attempted to claim was a "jihadi." There is zero evidence that he was anything other than a nerdy kid looking for his dad, which is why the American media and almost all politicians won't touch the issue (except for, as usual, Ron Paul). Not even the most wild neo-con Chickenhawk makes that leap. He was in Yemen looking for his father who had been droned to death a couple weeks before for what was essentially political speech against the US govt that wasn't much different from what Jeremiah Wright said for two decades as Obama's pastor.

Glad you agree with Obama that he has the power to put US citizens on a kill list and blow them away for any reason he decides on in secret without charge or trial. That could not possibly lead to other "terrorists" who are US citizens being killed, could it? I can't think of any other group that Obama or a future progressive President would view as a threat. Definitely not gun owning "insurrectionists" like the ones who read and support this blog, right?

Just as long as he is blowing away Muslims, then it doesn't matter if what he does violates basic Christian morality and constitional policies! FYI: Stanford did a study and found that in Pakistan Obama kills about 48 innocent civilians for every one legit terrorist with drones. That doesn't even get into how the drones are used to attack funerals and copy terrorist tactics of doing secondary strikes on first responders, either. That could never happen here though to non-Muslim terrorists, right?

Anonymous said...

"March 19, 2015 at 6:42 AM".

I stand corrected. But still, that kid was with his father, who aided the 911 terrorists. He was no doubt being groomed to be a top terrorist like his father. The fact that he's 'dead by drone' is a good thing. I don't consider terrorists to be 'real' Americans even if they were born here. That's just a technicality.

Would you consider the child of a soviet agent, living in America, to be untouchable? Wouldn't you assume that the kid is being groomed to be another agent?

Anonymous said...

An American president with a moral code would not drone dissenting Americans. Al Wacky was not just a "dissenting American". He was a terrorist who wants us all dead. I'm glad '0' got him...and his kid.

I suggest you get off your ass, get out and convince people to elect Tea Party Patriots

Anonymous said...

Time for Obama, Biden, Feinstein, Sugarman and Durban to get hot on these Assault Machete's that never need reloading.


The perp was an immigrant!


Jimmy the Saint said...

@Anonymous: "And his failed presidency."

What failure? Remember, his stated goal was the "fundamental transformation" of the U.S. In that framework, the guy has been wildly successful. Not in a way that benefits the country or its population, I grant you, but he's trashed the economy, weakened the military, destroyed international relationships, expanded government control domestically, massively debased the culture, expanded the surveillance state, and set the stage for serious racial unrest which will allow for the further expansion of the government.

He's probably No. 2 behind FDR as the most-successful president ever. Notably, FDR wasn't exactly working for the good of the nation or its people, either.

Anonymous said...

So then, using human shields must be 100% effective then! That's what you are saying dude.

So let's run down the list eh?

We can't put boots on the ground cuz they always hit wedding parties and funerals.
We can't bomb from the air - manned or unmanned due to human shields - and of course the lack of perfection regardless of the fact that the vast majority of the time we can drop a bomb into a kitchen window!
We cannot capture the enemy - because they can't be held on ships, in allied countries or even GITMO. We can't bring them to the USA because then we are imperialists imposing our justice system rules on the entire world by claiming jurisdiction everywhere.
We can't interogate them anyway, so why catch them at all? Remember, we are talking about people openly DECLARING WAR upon us all.

So then, what CAN we do? How CAN we fight back against those OPENLY ADMITTING their WAR to DESTROY everyone of us? How CAN we defend ourselves??

It's time to qualify the opposition with alternative solution homeboy. It's time to get out of on paper policy wonk meetings and look outside at the REAL WORLD! Don't get me wrong, I get the opposition ON PAPER, but the FACT is this simple - sometimes there is no perfect choice. Sometimes there are situations like terrorists intentionally surrounding themselves with human shields. Hamas does it regularly and so does Hezbollah. Al Qaeda ISIS yup, the whole lot of them do it. At some point, either YOU have to admit that YOU declare us all defeated, because we "can't" drone the "innocent" or you have to accept that responsibility for innocent deaths do NOT fall in our shoulders. It falls on those who deploy human shields in the first place.

And at some point, the question then has to be posed -
Just who's side are you in anyway? You've become a cheerleader for those declaring war against us! You aid and abet THEM by saying EVERYTHING we do is wrong yet say nothing about their barbaric tactics. Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12:10

Sorry, but again you are incorrect. The child was droned two weeks after his father had been droned in Yemen - he was looking for his dad who had been missing bc Obama had murdered him. There is zero evidence that the son had anything to do with any sort of terrorism, and not even the Obama admin has tried to make that claim. So first you said he was engaging in Jihad, then you said he was with his father - but both statements are factually incorrect. I will give you a pass since there has been virtually no coverage of this event in mainstream sources.

Speaking of 911, what is different at all on your justifications and excuses for an innocent child dying than what the actual 911 terrorists believed and stated? Or about Obama killing 48 innocent women and kids for every actual terrorist he kills with a drone? The 911 terrorists viewed everyone as being guilty bc they were Americans, just as you are doing bc the kid was Muslim and his dad spoke out against American foreign policy just like Obama's pastor did for two decades. They shared the "ends justify the means" anti-Christian and anti-constitution mindset that you and Lindsey Graham/Obama/Clintons/McCain do.

Do you also think it is ok that Obama gave himself the power to give amnesty to millions of illegals? Or that he spied on the press? Or that he spies on every single computer and Internet device? His supporters would argue the same points as you - that it was a "good" thing regardless of the law bc of the desired result.

Just how long do you think it will be before those same rationalizations of disobeying basic natural rights that easily date back to the Magna Carta will be used on those other enemies of the state, the 2nd amendment advocates who actually think their guns are a check on the federal govt? What about suspending 2nd amendment rights for anyone who "might be a terrorist?" Believe me, that is also coming soon. Do you see the way that the gun control groups and leftists speak about gun owners?!?!?

As far as a "soviet agent" being discovered - we already have caught plenty of sleeper agents and were able to avoid droning them to death by detaining them in a legal manner with a warrant and then exchanging them with the Russians for some of our own spies.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 2:28

Is that you, Lindsey Graham? You think Obama's drones are killing innocent people at a rate of 48 to 1 bc of "human shields?" What is funny is you reference the "paper policy" and other nonsense - but you are just repeating neo com chicken hawk talking points. Actual experts like the former head of the Bin Laden unit in the CIA laugh at people like you who think that terrorists are giving up their lives bc we have shopping malls and women can vote here.

The very policies you favor of drone striking and bombing are what allow the terrorists to be recruited - and you are carrying out the exact policies Bin Laden explicitly hoped we would do to be able to greatly expand the war and recruiting efforts at making the US the devil empire.

Stop invading the world and inviting the world and we won't have this problem. You have zero problem with Obama killing citizens without charge or trial bc of "the enemy." It won't be long before "the enemy" consists of people like the author of this blog - after all, doesn't he oppose what the Obama admin is doing?

At a certain point you have to realize that perpetual war for perpetual peace is a Wilsonian progressive dream come true - and we saw what his intervention dring and after WW2 created. ISIS has been able to exist and flourish precisely bc people like you backed the Iraq invasion and the Libya overthrow. People like you don't seem to grasp that the real world has actual side effects to intervention - just like health care does with Obamacare or any govt regulation or intervention does.

It is people like you who can't seem to get out of the neo con/progressive classroom and realize that there was a reason Jefferson and Washington advocated entangling alliances with none and peaceful trade with all.

By the way, I have actual friends who sounded just like you and argued with me prior to going to Iraq or Afghanistan - care to guess what the people who were actually there and saw what effect out wilsonian foreign policy had on those third world savages?

Yeah, they would all laugh at you if I read your posts to them. Sorry buddy, but blowback happens for a reason. Whenever we go and stir up a hornets nest of crazy ass Muslims by blowing away their kids, they are not going to have a hard time recruiting young men to do the same back to us - exactly as Bin Laden hoped would happen. Bengazhi and the murder of a US ambassador that neo cons keep going crazy over does not happen had the US not taken the side of actual terrorists and overthrown the Libyan dictator - and I can't even imagine what would have happened had the neo cons like you gotten their way in taking out the Syrian govt to help out the actual terrorists.

Way to keep promoting the foreign policy views of Obama/Hillary/nytimes/wa post/McCain/graham instead of what Jefferson and Washington advocated. Heck, what would those old white guys know compared to the modern day progressive or neo con who made sure Iraq was invaded so that freedom could reign!