Friday, March 6, 2015

Home, finally. Not where I need to be or want to be, but home.

Hit several patches of black ice on the way back but fortunately didn't wreck the rental car. (Which is a darn good thing since those two unexpected one-way rentals wiped out the transportation budget. Of course at that I'm better off than the organizers who fronted for the airlines tickets -- a far more expensive proposition. We usually are able to use donated frequent flier miles but that didn't work out this time. Too soon since the last time. I sure hope they're able to get refunds.)
I was so exhausted I had to pull over and crash nap about Oxford AL for a while, as i was drifting off the road. Rosey of course is happy to have me home, but I feel a crushing sense of failure, although I don't know what I could have done better. Despite my best intentions I crashed again when I got home and am just now getting back to business. I'll try to have several posts about WA state before the rally today. The FBI are on the prod and risking much in this. I rather fear they haven't got a clue of the titanic forces they're playing with.


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