Thursday, March 5, 2015

Forwarded to me by a faithful reader with the comment: "If Bullshit was music (Gottlieb) and Workman would be a huge BRASS BAND."

SAF warns of legal action if .223 ammo ban implemented

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Anonymous said...

Ya know, it's seeming like this is the game.

SAF and NRA taking a serious beating at he grassroots level. FUNDRAISING efforts are flailing as a result.
So Barack and crew come up with this ammo ban plan to stimulate both support and fundraising efforts. But why help them? Well think about it. If the democrats lose their buddies as "leaders" in the gun rights advocacy department, then they risk facing REAL opposition that won't bow at the compromise alter.

So this "threat" is issued regarding litigation. Then, Barack can direct the ATF to stand down the ban, claiming he's listening to AMERICANS and deciding to protect their rights. All the while, making SAF look "strong" - with the icing being that no litigation ACTUALLY happens. And that's worst case!

The issuing of this "threat" proves that it's just a GAME to these particular people. If the SAF was serious there would be no threats issued. This 855 ban would be the last straw and the decision would have already been made to outright challenge OPENLY the GCA itself. ALL OF IT. It's PREMISE.

It's sad that the SAF is going down this way. It could have really been a champion worthy of the hype but instead it's being shown as just another Nigerian fraudster scam.