Thursday, March 5, 2015

Federal judge upholds forcing gun buyers to fund gun confiscation

With this law, California proved (as if such proof were needed) that the purpose of registration is to facilitate confiscation. Now, a federal judge says its just fine and dandy to make gun buyers pick up the tab for those confiscations.


Anonymous said...

It's just like booze drinkers picking up the tab for drunks driving. Uh huh. Thats it.

This decision ain't about guns or even gun control. This is about keeping hold of sin tax capability.

It's the core of what most don't get about the statement that it's not about guns - it's about control. It's about ECONOMIC control. It's about the power to redistribute wealth. Once they lose economic control over guns, they lose it across the board and they know it. Future decisions will get more twisted as time goes on- and they know that too. And that's WHY various legislation is happening around the country! None of it is about expanding our right to keep and bear - it's about defending their economic control by closing gun loopholes that will expose the false premise upon which they claim authority never delegated to government yet power it claims as its own.

Maybe SAF ought to reconsider its position on willingly conceding the permission slip point of order......because choices have consequences.

Anonymous said...

So a $100 pole tax to pay for voting machines would be legal according to this corksucker? wildbill

Anonymous said...

the courts are not the answer to our 2A problems.....refusing to obey...IS the answer....just not many willing to 'stand your ground'......soon it will be a REQUIRED the evil that blankets this land will NEVER listen to reason....only FORCE will defeat evil.....imho