Thursday, March 12, 2015

Collectivist caterwauling complaints on "cop-killer" bullets that have never been documented to have killed a single cop.

Ban these 'cop killer' bullets
The government has allowed itself to be bullied by the gun lobby, which with its defense of these armor-piercing bullets has in effect aligned itself with violent criminals and against public safety.
See also What You Need to Know About the Armor-Piercing Bullet Controversy


Anonymous said...

And the next step, (had they succeeded with the M855 ban), would have been the "sad realization that ANY .223 round can penetrate a type III we are just going to have to ban ALL .223 ammunition".

Mission accomplished.

Anonymous said...

California Highway Patrol uses repackaged black talons (Winchester Ranger T-series) as duty carry. Another case of the only ones. Weren't these rounds about to be banned as "Cop killer" bullets?

prambo said...

These clowns remind me of listening to an old LP that skips and plays the same line over and over and over.

There was only one solution to that bad LP - toss it in the rubbish bin and get a new one.

PO'd American said...

I wouldn't wipe my arse with the rag sheet LA Times if I were out of TP. Some of the ink from this ill conceived rant might come off and dirty my butt.

Anonymous said...

I think these are really ARM or Paper plate piercing BULL ITS

I am far from being well versed on types of bullets but like all political wordsmithing you need to look at what *words* they are really saying and not just hearing them in the language NORMAL people use.

ARMOR = Arm Or paper
Bullets = BULL ITS