Sunday, February 8, 2015

Vanderboegh speech highlights gun advocate divide

We've moved into new territory, or more precisely, been moved into it whether we want to go or not. And the only thing those who disagree with such direct tactics can do about it is side with the antis, the same people who would call them extremists. Another argument is the pile-on by anti-gun readers and "reasonable" gun owners in comments to press accounts. It should not be a surprise most of those condemn Saturday’s actions. Most gun owners probably will too, at least for now. The defiant ones don’t call themselves Three Percenters for nothing.


Anonymous said...

Its not about guns at all. It is about rights. Rights that are both god given and Enumerated for all to see and Enjoy.
Yet there are those who dont seem to understand the notion of rights at all. Unless of course it its their right to this or that. Something that is neither god given nor Enumerated and if it was a right is only Enjoyed by a few.
If you are for Rights, You are for all Rights. Not just the ones that pertain to you.

Anonymous said...

The more I read David Codrea the more I's like that fellow!

III% ain't bout what the majority thinks, it ain't bout those who think they know what is best for the rest like Gottlieb, it is all bout our GOD given rights, rights we neither need to beg for nor ask for, rights we have the right to sing, dance and shout out loud bout for we are free people and we will not comply with any stinkin unconstitutional laws!

Join us and be free in Washington State in June at the Arms Expo!

Death before slavery!

Comrade X

Tom W. said...

Frankly, it's time to put up, or shut up. The anti's don't play nice at all. They lie, fabricate, manipulate, demonize, and play on emotions to the seemingly growing number of sheep that would rather armchair quarterback from the heated comfort of their homes than stand and deliver.

No more of the "Gottlieb" tactics, behind closed doors negotiations on "my" behalf. They can go F themselves.

Enough playing "Footsies" with these collectivist, statist bastards. My firearms are no threat unless I'm threatened. Enemies foreign and domestic. Who are the militia? Is it not ourselves? Philidelphia Gazzette 1788, Tench Cote.
God Bless you Patriots that took a stand. History will show that few stood against a tyrant.
Leonidus was right.

Jim Klein said...

"and Enumerated"

Technically speaking, the enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

IOW each person has all the rights, whatever they are, and the government has none. So much for the legal discussion.

Thanks to every person who made it; it was very exposing. Total win IMO; the semi-small numbers make it even more impressive. I'm guessin' Alan Gottlieb missed the memo, being too busy driving to or from the bank.

Locked doors, ha. I think I'll go that route, but have the nerve to answer them if anyone comes a'knockin'. Please don't, and that's as civil as I'll get.

Anonymous said...

Get ready to be blown away boys and girls, this was put together by a Liberal Newspaper in Olympia, WA;

Death before slavery!

Comrade X

Anonymous said...

The "gun owners" decrying this effort are the ones exposing themselves - and that's why so many choose to remain silent (or when confronted directly they Bob and Weave and play filibuster). Those "responsible" gun owners aren't either, they just play in comment sections trying to fool others into believing those who refuse to continue backing up and bowing are the ones in the wrong. The truth is, either they are out and out posers, or, they are too weak to stand firm and belittle those who do stand firm in order to make themselves feel better.

The reality is clear. It's time to separate the men from the boys... The wheat from the chaff. Several years ago, at the annual gun "rights" gathering at the capital, I carried a sign that said " I'm not here begging for permission slips". At the start of the "parade", which is what it had been transformed into, I was told by "leadership" that "I would have to set up somewhere else". To which I replied "whatcha mean, set up" I'm marching with this sign". Meanwhile, the NRA bootlickers turned their backs on me and turned me out. Why, they were in cahoots with DEMOCRATS to implement their permit structure where NONE existed. And they succeeded too. In fact, it's "the strictest shall issue legislation in the country" that duo of groups boasted.

Yeah, I'm happy to be pushed out. I'm glad I parted ways with those folks - because they gotta live with taking those thirty pieces of silver (training dollars) and the historical record of who was on which side when.

That's why I gotta laugh when David accuses me of being "anonymous". Hardly. It's just tough to get any traction in these parts when the NRA lords over those who hid in Area 51 plotting their opposition to constitutional carry AND their driven goal to shut out everyone who refused to tow their party line.

I told em they would destroy a year after year growth curve - and they did exactly what I fortold, what I saw coming. Now, we have a WORSE situation than before by several measures, objective measures and the rights movement is SET BACK here prolly two decades. I applaud each soul who stood tall out there - wishing I could have found the same courage in my neck of the woods. Only a hundred some are touting? Yeah? In my state the population FAR exceeds out there, and I couldn't even find ONE other willing to risk civil disobedience.

I look forward to the day something along these lines happens in this forsaking God place. With Any Luck, Mike V could take a trip into the heart of the obamaland beast :) Make NO mistake, Patriots....there is no more time for fence sitting. There is no more time for games and embellishment - ask a certain NBC host. It's decision time. Stand on principal or bow to conpromising it. Time to choose.


David Codrea said...

That's why I gotta laugh when David accuses me of being "anonymous".

Uh, no accusation, just a statement of fact. You ARE anonymous. Everything you post, every urging for someone else to do something carries no personal repercussions.

Laugh if you like if dismissing the truth that way makes you feel better. And continue making insinuations about my credibility from the shadows, where yours can't be established.

Jim Klein said...

Tell me that I just saw an anonymous poster denying that he's an anonymous poster.

Oh yeah, right...and it's not about epistemology either!