Sunday, February 8, 2015

"Do we comply? Or will we resist?" The video of my speech at the WA State House, 7 February 2015



Anonymous said...

Have you thought about being arrested at the airport? Flying so no weapons with you. Or even a couple of months down the road? After this dies down a bit, I would not put it past them. Just be careful and have someone with a video camera close by. Have a safe trip home. Great speech.

Anonymous said...

III percent

As freedom fades
to twilight dim
and darkness filters in
Hopes fall
Like withered leaves
On droughted lands
Of deep despair
But we ourselves
Are here
Not blown
By fate and resolve
To stand before the storm
uncolored by fear
unshaken by threat
We Stand

For freedom

Anonymous said...

Superb, timely, relevant speech.