Thursday, February 12, 2015

MUST LISTEN Mark Levin Interview With FCC Commissioner Whistleblower Ajit Pai

It's all about control.


Anonymous said...

Being a broadcast engineer for 28 years has shown me that there is MUCH more going on than what is being said. And its just not about the internet and wireless - both of which have a proverbial "Kill Switch".

What doesn't have a kill switch (yet)is good old fashioned Over The Air Television (OTA). While the information is strictly one-way only, it is still a powerful tool - especially when used against those in power. No, contrary to what many have been deluded into "believing", EAS/EBS does NOT take a station off the air or magically grant total control of a station to Big Bubba.
Nuff said there.

What the FCC (Federal Communications CORPoration) does do to threaten OTAs, is the one thing governments do best. Regulation. The first nail from the Ivory Towers in DC was the unfunded mandate called HDTV. "Do it or lose your license". That edict killed off scores of privately owned "mom and pop" stations as the equipment required cost millions. This, coupled with the requirement to simulcast both analog and digital signals, only harmed the little guys. Today, there are only a handful of privately owned stations, with the lions share held by mega-corps like Sinclair, RayCom, etc. All of whom pledge allegiance to socialism at a bare minimum.

The FCC hasn't been twiddling its thumbs after that "purge". They are still sticking it to the remaining little guys with more edicts such as spectrum "repacking" and auctions (under the BS reason of more bandwidth for wireless), CALM Act, and increasingly absurd Closed Captioning requirements.

And in a couple of years, the last of the independent stations will disappear when the unfunded mandate of UHDTV/4KTV comes down from on high. At that time, the last bastion of free information will be firmly under the thumb of the feds.

Anonymous said...

Tyranny's needs to take away two thing for complete control; free speech and guns!

With tyranny in control the only question any of us should have is once they take away free speech how long will we have before the guns are gone too.

Don't expect the GOP to stop this either they would like nothing more than to shut down those who speak against them too. The GOP controls the House and the Senate and if they can not stop this it will be only because they don't want to stop it.

Death before slavery!

Comrade X