Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Excusing the excusers. Channeling Alan Gottlieb (who himself is channeling Morris Dees and Michael Bloomberg), Bob Owens attacks "OC Extremists."

Constitutional Carry Bill Will Not Be Heard In Texas Senate Thanks To OC Extremists
Yeah, it's all the fault of the "extremists."


TimeHasCome said...

Maybe Bob is not right for that job . Writers such as he should be writing about the future of gun rights in the offense not in constant defense. With over 100 million firearms purchased under the Dear Leader clearly we are winning the battle on all fronts.
Can you imagine Bob's hand wringing sweaty palms writing about Rosa Parks and her audacity to move to the front of the bus?
It's time to assert that the 2nd amendment is not the Red Headed Stepchild of the constitution and either the Bill of Rights means something or not.

jon said...

kory behaves exactly like the kids that were hired to put a bad face on the RTC 2010 rally, although nobody has tied him to antigun money yet. so at least those facts are straight.

this is a cop-out though. there's no way one idiot is the reason any bill wouldn't be heard. bob's saving face for somebody in the senate, and when texans figure out who, they're fired.

Left Coast Conservative said...

Yeah, it pretty much is the OC activists fault. While I sympathize with your position, that a right not exercised is not a right, the fact is that the optics of in-your-face-OC are terrible, and the practice scares the Hell out of some people, and it gives political power to our opponents.

This has been demonstrated multiple times in the past, particularly in California, where similar OC events have led to the elimination of all OC out firearms.

Just because we can do something does not mean that it is smart, in the short term, to do the thing. IN-your-face-OC has not helped in Texas. I believe that you're wrong on this.

WarriorClass III said...

The hearing is on Thursday. Please call TODAY to support OC in Texas! Here are the numbers:

Anonymous said...

Bob Owens can lap up the slop given to him by the powers that be as good as anyone.

Anonymous said...

Greg F · Realtor at The Michael Group LLC
"I live in DFW area. Watkins is the biggest bonehead of all these so-called "advocates" that go around with ARs like a bunch of morons. We'll be lucky to keep our CHL privileges with these nuts on the loose."

There is already a 'Bill' which recognises the RIGHT - it is called The Bill of RIGHTS - not of 'privileges'.

Rights are claimed by exercising them not by begging for privileges. It will become difficult to retain liberty with silly people like this "on the loose".

Stop disparaging those who really exercise the RIGHT!


Paul X said...

"the fact is that the optics of in-your-face-OC are terrible"

So were gay pride parades. Looks like gays didn't take your advice, and it didn't harm their efforts.

The whole point of OC efforts is to eliminate arrests for inadvertently printing your CC gun, or for carrying a gun out to a car. People have to learn not to shit a brick when they see a gun. The only way to learn that is to have them see guns.

And what's this politics-speak about "optics"? Ugh. Optics is the study of light, not public relations.