Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bloomberg’s racial disarmament proposal a key to distancing supporters

Trying to figure out “progressive” eugenics always makes my head hurt. That and trying to square things with Bloomberg being a minority himself, and recalling that discriminatory “gun control” was a tactic of the “master race”... The Bloomberg machine will no doubt try to deflect this. They'll claim the guy who pays them to amplify his voice is a humanitarian trying to save minority lives, and that what he was suggesting was for the public good, but there is no act of government overreach that cannot refer back to some pretext of noble intentions. The bottom line is, no matter how his lackeys spin things, Bloomberg is in favor of denying fundamental rights to adults based on their race.


Carl Stevenson said...

Bloomberg is a JINO. A judenrat. Money and power are what he worships. Nothing. Else.
He's a minority alright though. An oligarch. Like Soros, who was born Jewish, but as a 12-13 year old traitorously led the Nazis around helping them to round up Jews, Bloomie is about as Jewish in spirit and character as Obama is a Christian patriot.
I hope your readers know the difference between honorable Jews and the few oligarch Judenrat scum.

TheBohunk said...

This is outstanding, an absolute gift. I have long believed and try to preach that gun control is inherently racist because it disproportionately affects people of color on the liberal inner city plantations. Now we have Blowberg himself confirming what most of us already know. Gun control is racism in action.

Spread this far and wide, folks.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg's ideas are almost exactly the same as early 19th century southern slave owners when they claimed slavery was actually good for blacks because it removed them from their primitive environment and exposed them to Christianity and 'civilized society'

Anonymous said...

Today the inter cities are plantations built by the liberals for the black population that lives there. Blacks are made dependent on their masters for food & clothing & housing (EBT's, section 8, etc).

The last thing the masters wants is their slaves being armed!

Death before slavery!

Comrade X

Anonymous said...

Codrea is 100% right. This needs to be said in response to any gun control advocate every single time. And it needs to be brought up on the offensive on its own to all gun control supporters.

"If racism is such a big deal to you, why do you support a racist advocating blacks not have the same rights as whites?"