Tuesday, July 29, 2014

You gotta be kidding me.



Anonymous said...

Fascists without the bad mustache.

Anonymous said...

In Texas, you can shoot a person who is caught in the act of stealing your car.
Dates back to the days when horse stealing was a hanging offense. I'm disappointed that these folks let the government take that car without firing a shot.
Since when does the EPA get to trespass on private property without an armed challenge.

Anonymous said...

The reason that it took six carloads of Feral Agents is:
1) landrovers have a reputation for violence.
2) terrorist have been known to use them.
3) I think one was seen at the Bundy ranch.
4) they are assplugs with nothing better to do than violate personal rights.

Anonymous said...

They probably stole it for no reason other than it being all-terrain. Nothing is sacred to the feds!

Maybe they would learn a lesson if someone stole their black SUV's and/or tanks.

Paul X said...

People like this are naturally just going to bend over and take whatever the police state wants to do to them. I have a hard time working up a lot of sympathy for them. They won't be of any use during the Revolution.