Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Caught with her phony Second Amendment knickers down around her ankles.

The following link was forwarded to me by a long-time reader -- "The Michelle Nunn memos: 10 key passages." -- with this comment:
The leaked memo of Georgia senate candidate Michelle Nunn shows how her plans on how to solve the largest problems the campaign faces. Appearing anti-gun is one of them, and notice how out of touch the answer is about hunters - this appears to be another John Kerry style duck hunting bit to appeal to the Fudds.
The high level campaign strategist also references how the gun owners should have licenses, showing exactly how much knowledge they have about gun ownership in a state like Georgia. How come almost none of these DC and NYC based clowns ever seem to grasp that in most states a "license" is not required to own a gun? It is amazing how such a basic fact escapes them time and time again despite making millions in consulting fees!
"8. Nunn will tout a group of gun-owning supporters “in September or October”
Gun owners are a key constituency for Nunn, but the primary target is positive press. “It will allow the campaign to create messaging about Michelle Nunn’s moderate bona fides at a time when the Republicans are likely to be making her appear like a liberal,” one memo says. “Members of this group must have gun/hunting licenses. Depending on the size of the group and their names, this may become a newspaper advertising program or a tour just before hunting season begins.”
The only question I have now is, will she get the NRA endorsement or not?


GA Patriot said...

I don't think she is going to be able to fake her way on 2A issues. Not in GA. We have too many in-state pro 2A organizations for her to get away with that garbage.

Anonymous said...

I am very much looking forward to the list of people the NRA endorses this fall. Also the list if those they do not (especially those they have before but won't now). Regardless , it's going to be fun watching the heads in the sand NRA apologists try to continue to deny that the weenie mobile is Rollin down the same old tired highway (the one that just goes in circles).

Anonymous said...

'NRA' endorsement?

Ah! You mean the "Not Really Accurate" endorsement ...