Thursday, July 31, 2014

Invasion of the Life Snatchers. Murder-bent firearms continue to smuggle themselves into Chicago, take over the minds of innocent youngsters and cause them to kill.

Once again we are treated to the meme "It's all the fault of the guns." "Gun violence rages in Chicago even as thousands of illegal guns are confiscated."
This amazing story also includes this particular bit of brilliance:
“Nobody wants to face up to the fact that drugs and guns were deliberately dumped into the African-American community,” charges Stark, speaking on community cable station Can TV. “We don’t grow drugs in rooftop gardens in Chicago. We don’t manufacture guns in the basement. Somebody’s putting them there.”
Ah, of course, it's all the racist crackers' fault. The Klan, no doubt, has seen the inefficiency of their previous ways and -- in a vast mind control experiment reminiscent of The Invasion of the Body Snatchers -- now manipulate po' black folks to do their dirty work for them. Thus, this moron would have us believe, proving what simple-minded people of color the manipulated are -- just like the Klan has always said. Not only are black folks doing the killing at the white man's hidden direction, but they are also buying into Whitey's theories of racial superiority in the process. One wonders what the Deacons for Defense and Justice -- those who still live and those who have crossed over -- would make of this BS.


countenance said...

We don’t grow drugs in rooftop gardens in Chicago. We don’t manufacture guns in the basement. Somebody’s putting them there.

Okay, so don't use them.

Anonymous said...

Lol @ the idea that pot isn't grown in Chicago. What see here is the same fundamental IGNORANCE about guns extended to ( at least) pot growing. See, mr reporter, there are made these things called. "Lights". These. "Lights". Are used ummm INDOORS to grow plants.

Ok fair enough, people aren't growing poppies or coca plants but still.

I was gonna make a "crack" about the enviro weenies and there growing "grass" on rooftops to be "green" but I decided against it. He he. See what I did there?

And all that in light if the fact that Democrats pushed and passed a medicinal pot bill! And to boot, if I recall correctly, mean green is grown at UNIVERSITY there in Chicago - and ummm not on any roofs.

The idiocy abounds in Chicago and it's expanded to Washington DC.

Ed said...

ECON 101:

Demand, meet Supply.

Supply, meet Demand.

If there was no Demand, whether or not there was Supply would be irrelevent.