Sunday, July 27, 2014

SPLC: Mark Potok's big lie that keeps on paying off.

Radical right’s ‘patriot’ movement is really just anarchy.


Dakota said...

What a pack of lies and bullshit. I hope that Potok burns in hell for his lies. Everyone who has a brain knows better the truth of what happened and why at Bundys. The details have been hashed and rehashed other places and I won't bore anyone with doing the same here.

Anonymous said...

Problem is, the general public does not want to bother to THINK anymore. And by having others do their thinking for them, devious people will be happy to step into that role. Like the SPLC. Any thinking American, that's the least bit versed in the constitution and what Americanism is would find anything the SPLC says laughable. Laziness also plays a part. In this day of the internet, researching anything is the easiest thing in the world but lazy, non-thinking individuals find it far easier to turn on the boob-tube and listen to these hucksters spew lies in their face.

Tom Baugh said...

This is a very encouraging development. Lies told by your enemies inform you of their fears and weaknesses, and how you are winning.

Lies such as these are like water behind a failing dam; they build up pressure in a potential recruit's mind, until one day they crash through in a "holy crap" moment. When that moment arrives, that person will then become the most powerful ally you can imagine.

Along with their increasingly provable lies, your enemies are also spreading the word about your growing power and influence, as in "There are over a thousand active groups and they are growing? I thought I was all alone in thinking this way!"

You couldn't pay for valuable recruiting material like this.

Don't be distracted on the general public, the masses of sheep have never been influential in major turning points in history. Focus on the doers, the thinkers, the problem solvers, the people who believed in the dream only to have it snatched from their hands while they were busy working and creating. Those people will lead the sheep around them toward the future. They always have, and they always will.

So, welcome these attacks from your enemies, and goad them into more such exposure.

jon said...

more terrified hyperbole from the losing side.

wonder what he would think if his access to the internet was toyed with, taxed, and fined by the government in the same manner that the bundy's access to their own land was? we probably would hear some whimpering complaint about the 1st amendment right that he would deny us, if possible, and that he uses to lie like this.

Paul X said...

"The movement outlined in the Southern Poverty Law Center isn’t one of protest but insurrection and anarchy. It denies the authority of the government and undercuts law and order."

Oh, that is choice. How does it feel guys, having "law and order" thrown back at you?

Of course, what Potok says here is correct. Just like the Founders, we are undercutting government authority. The only mistake Potok makes in this statement is suggesting that anarchy is a bad thing. He hates freedom, voluntarism and self-reliance. He loves and grovels at the feet of authority.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that their lies are reported as the word of God himself.

Our side isn't reported at all....

What would you be thinking if you were the unwitting recipient? AND, why would anyone, interested in the truth or facts do such a thing?

The answer is of course, that they are deliberately crafting this to achieve a certain result or in this case results, in the mind of the public.

It IS thought control and sought simply to achieve their purposes because they are better than you, and know more than you do and really feel that they should be in charge of you and everything else.

You are their enemy if you don't fully agree with them, on every point.

Because it allows them to create a slave class and to live off of it, for eternity.

Dúnadan said...

The Southern Preposterous Lie Center makes its witless feelings known.

AJ said...

They say 'anarchy' like it's a bad thing.

Will Flatt said...

Another contestant for the Julius Streicher awards... and I wonder when 100 Heads Life & Casualty will be covering Potok... time's getting short!