Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Keep beating that "gun control" drum, you morons -- The closer to the election, the louder, the better.

The Senate is about to hold another hearing on "Protecting Women from Gun Violence."
Gee, I dunno, maybe they could fund giving every woman in the US her own carry pistol? Just thinkin' out loud.
Meanwhile: Everytown ‘gun violence against women' video makes great case for armed defense.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is why the FBI has solicited the 100 million dollar contract for 9mm pistols....just trying my best to make sense of the two disjointed posts.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, mother jones comes out shooting at the NRA - going after a heavy hitter lawyer who's low profile. If sure like to see some original material from you mike on THAT subject.

Just as we cannot restore our Republic without exposing the corruption within the " major parties", neither can we succeed without doing exactly the same to other "factions" - like the Harry Reid financing N-R-A!

The NRA is going to have to face this newfound leftist talking point cuz the prigs WILL run with it. I live watching alligators eat the last ones, while the last ones are actually surprised they are being eaten, last....

Just wondering mike, isn't this something that would qualify as "needing to be within in order to fix" and if not addressed by "membership" exposes the myth that is that line of hogwash?

A convicted killer stop the NRA hierarchy? One who served year after year in prison only to be released on technicality and evidence suppression?? Isn't that the VERY problem in the @justice@ system today - where good folks are ensnared and criminal actors run Scott free with seeming impunity?