Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"You can't cry 'fire' in a crowded theater," sez Doug Jones. Yeah, you can, sez I -- if the theater's really on fire.

A sincere thanks to John Robert Mallernee for the embeds.

First is what they distilled down, out of over an hour of interview video, always truncated and sometimes out of context.

Next is Doug Jones, Clintonista-era federal prosecutor and defender of corrupt Democrats, accusing me from the get-go of things I didn't do and associating me with my life-long enemies. If this liar conflates any more, his head will explode from the internal tension. He was one of former Governor Don Siegelman's defense attorneys. Siegelman went to federal prison. He's not only a legal liar, he's an incompetent legal liar.


Knuck said...

Mike,In Colorado,lawyers are buried six feet deeper than the regular folks. You see,we found that deep down,they are not bad.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike - You forgot to throw in there that Doug Jones is also thoroughly ignorant as to how our great nation came to be. British subjects who overthrew the yoke of tyranny of their own government and King through armed, violent resistance to eventually become these here United States of America.


Anonymous said...

They gave the attorney 50% more time than Mike...

Anonymous said...

At what point in time do the citizens say "ENOUGH !" ?


jjet said...


Ya shoulda left the boonie hat at home.

With the American media and the American sheople, style matters more than substance.

The MSM always show the grotesque camo-wearing mouth breathers when doing a bit on gun shows, gun show "loopholes" or the latest hoplophobic topic of the century du jour.

You are an erudite and thoughtful man. Why make it easier for then to denigrate and marginalize your views?

Good on you, however, and Doom on Dougie!

Anonymous said...

It's just preaching the Gospel. Some will have ears for it. Others have an appetite for the devil's twists and lies. But those who love truth and goodness got to keep on preaching it. Like a great American hero says "We shall proceed ever more boldly."

Anonymous said...

You probably should not have talked to one of their "Barbies" either, and instead demanded to talk to a male or an unattactive femail. The media masters use the blonde bimbo interview mechanism to distract the higher reasoning centers in the male brain, thereby severely diluting and distorting the message and impairing retention. It was interesting to see the interviewer turn off the "entrancement face" in the final seconds of the video clip. Next time, bring your own hidden mic and/or camera and capture the raw video.

pdxr13 said...

As usual, Mike keeps on message so that the local MSM can't grab anything but the message. Even if they picked that 30 seconds from an hour, it wasn't defamatory to MV or the "movement", and will drive traffic to the Sipsey Street Irregulars site so that interested folks can read for themselves what goes ahn.

Boonie hat is good for hiding receding hairline, but on-camera throws a sinister shadow over the eyes. A blunted/barbless hook in a loop neutralizes "militia" association making it a good way to keep the sun off.


Ken said...

..."you can't yell fire in a crowded theater"...yep,but they don't duct tape yer mouth closed before entry either...yet...

GodBlessYa Mike...

catfish said...

Great talk Mike. How come they gave the windbag more time than you?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the hat. They had you at the word "Hi".

I'm sure you made your points, and that they expressed the sentiments of all but this isn't about fair, honesty, justice or Constitutionality, as you know.

I love the comments about FBI awareness. I'm still chuckling. Did you ever think we'd see the day, when average patriotic Americans, would be the objects of so much attention, and surveillance?

Kinda gives you an idea who these people really are, how long they've been at this. Somehow the word "American," doesn't seem to fit as a descriptor. Even though it is undoubtedly the term they claim. Perhaps I'm wrong, maybe they are now all global citizens and global law enforcers, and no longer really subscribe to that term. Maybe that term has been caused to represent an entirely different and foreign concept, in their minds. But I keep hearing, that not EVERYBODY has, and some of them, are Vulcans.

The one thing I'm sure of is that somebody, somewhere in this mess is rubbing their "precious" Hammer & Sickle hat pin. That, is as plain as the nose, on your face.

Carl said...

A friend of mine says we mispronounce the word. It's not law-yur, it's lie-yur. Makes sense to me.

Defender said...

Agreeing to talk to the media is, like marriage, the triumph of hope over experience. They are only interested in furthering their agenda. And they have shamed themselves.
At least they mentioned your Web site, where people can learn the truth free of sensationalism. You are a patriot in the old mode. We know that the average person on the street, when read the writings of the Founders without their being identified, can find them radical and shocking.
How far we have fallen.

Dennis308 said...

Mike, the time for words has passed,they won´t listen. They only hear what they want to hear so that they can turn and twist anything that we would say to them to warn them of the perils that await us all. They Lie and Ridicule AND then Say that We are the Dangerous Ones that We are the Radicals.
I am tired of watching there arrogance,and waiting for them to make that fatal miscalculation in our patience. Let them make THAT mistake that error, LET THE RESTORATION BEGIN.


Uncle Lar said...

As with so many other of our basic rights the liberal progressives twist and corrupt that old canard "you can't yell fire in a crowded theater."
In fact, yes you can, otherwise locked ball gags would have to be standard issue at every movie house.
What the phrase really means is that if you do yell fire maliciously and with evil intent, you cannot hide behind First Amendment rights to avoid the consequences of your actions. Which is why I get so infuriated when they attempt to use the concept to justify prior restraint to forbid actions on the possibility they might prove harmful.

Anonymous said...

Dittos to Anon@6:59 who said "bring your own hidden mic and/or camera and capture the raw video". Providing your own version of the interview on YouTube could be a great counterpoint to what else is said in the final version of the report.
Daniel K Day

John Robert Mallernee said...

Mike, Et Alii:

In the video playlist I created at the YOU TUBE web site, which I named "REBELLION", I've added a couple of more appropriate videos, for a total of five (05) videos.

The URL for that video playlist is:


This video playlist is embedded in my personal blog, "OUR ETERNAL STRUGGLE", and the name of the post is, "A CALL FOR REBELLION".

The URL is:


Thank you.

Anonymous said...

@Knuck: Well then we've got A LOT of burying to do in Colorady!! Let's get with it!


Anonymous said...

As John Wayne used to say, "A man is known by his enemies."
Judging by the known/suspected list of your enemies, Mike, you are rapidly approaching icon-size manliness, heh, heh, heh.

Legal Alien said...

What I got out of the short clip is the total control in your voice and manner Mike.
Well spoken, calm and even tone
No angry rant
To the point
No cursing
Straight, matter of fact, emotionless.

This must scare them shitless!!!
Because anybody with some knowledge of body language will know - you mean what you say - with the courage of your convictions.
It would be interesting to hear what your observations were about the body language and reaction of the little bimbo.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you CAN yell "fire" in a theatre.
But you can't yell "fire"FALSELY in a theatre.

Big difference.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...


Good interview and I'd recommend recording the entire thing; may not be able to post it legally (lack of permission from the station manager, e.g.), but a transcript certainly could be made available.

Any increase in traffic?


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for you and your twisted logic, the "theater" isn't really on fire at all. You've bought into and are furthering nothing but lies and propaganda manufactured by right-wingers who irrationally hate Obama for partisan political reasons. Great job making your side look like ignorant reactionary fools!

Ace said...

I think Mike is more like a Fire Marshall: "better make some changes, or this place could burn to the ground."

Will Flatt said...

Hello again, I saw this from a link on T.A.M.N. and I have to say, I'm not surprised by the lame-stream media work-up of the interview. I strongly encourage anyone who is planning on doing on-camera interviews; wear Class B dress, shirt & tie or if you have it, a monogrammed polo shirt. Looks are everything to the MSM idiots and why not "dress for the part"? Also, I like to record my interviews independently (whether audio or video), so if I'm taken out of context I can post the whole interview to keep 'em honest. In fact, recording the interview and warning them in advance that being taken out of context will cause the raw video to be published online usually prevents creative editing back at the studio.

If you're gonna go ahead and say stuff calculated to alarm the liberals, that's dandy but in that case recording the interview & posting the whole thing becomes mandatory for when they do conflate your message!

BTW, looking good! Love those suspenders! :-P

Dennis308 said...

To Anon 7:16 pm
If the theator ain´t on fire what´s all that fucking smoke. Or is it just comming out of your Ass.


Anonymous said...

Tell it, Doug Jones.

Keep talking to the media, Mikey. Please keep talking to them. Get it all on tape, so the feds have the evidence right there on hand when they charge you.

Just a matter of time.

CowboyDan said...

This anonymous fella sure seems to have his nuts twisted up tight, doesn't he? Someone needs to ask his mommy to buy him bigger boxers when next she goes to K-Mart.

Those size 12's from junior high are too snug. I wonder if his voice is also high, like a tenor castrati or a roid rager.

I'm only here to help. (Line from a drinking game we used to play, back when I still thought I could drink.)