Thursday, July 8, 2010

Race-based taxes: Obama's "Health Care Law" taxes clueless, vain, stupid white people. Meanwhile, Obamanoids court the vampire vote.

Most of them probably didn't vote anyway -- or voted for him.

"Outraged owners of tanning salons worry that the levy could deal a death blow to an industry already reeling from the recession."

"Death blow?" I wouldn't worry if I were them. There is a seemingly inexhaustible supply of clueless, vain, stupid white people in this country.

Meanwhile, back at the commune,the Obamanoids are courting the vampire vote.

But of course. Vampires don't use tanning beds, do they?


Anonymous said...

This quote from the article....

"This is something that makes me feel good," Haggett said. "The reality is it's a luxury. It's not a need."

....hit the nail right on the head. The regime hates it that the unwashed masses have access to luxuries.

Anonymous said...

I hope that these sheeple wake up soon to realize that ANY tax is bad, as in NOT GOOD.
Sheesh! The walls we have to bang our heads against to make people realize the truth. But too many of them have been indoctrinated for too long to make much difference at this point. It will take a real catastrophe to get the undead to come to life. Like,. . . . the collapse of the US Socialist Gubbment! And by then, it will probably be too late.

B Woodman

If I'm being too vague and not making much sense, it's too damn early in the AM after a too-late night, to be fully awake and cognizant at this point. I NEED a second infusion of caffine, which I dopn't usually need, especially at this early in the day. Caffine deprivation headache. /sign off

Defender said...

Penn & Teller interview health and behavior Nazis from time to time. It is no insult to victims of WWII to call these modern authoritarians Nazis, because they intend to be the Deciders for us all, and it always starts with small things. "We're going to take what you have, for the good of everyone." --Hillary Clinton

Anonymous said...

Response to Hillary Clinton: No. You won't.

Dennis308 said...

In the words of Sarah Palin.....
¨How´s that Hopey,Changey stuff workin out for ya.
Don´t get me wrong I don´t realy like Mrs.Palin a whole lot.Just thought that this was just soooooooooooooo fitting.


Defender said...

The Obama "Twilight" recruiters like Edward over Jacob? Maybe that's why Barry pronounced the Navy medic designation "corpse-man."

Witchwood said...

Why identify them as white? Aren't they individuals?

davy crocket said...

For what it is worth,UV light is a valid treatment for psoriasis.It can be prescribed as treatment.Hows that fit into the health care tax?

earthman said...

"Why identify them as white? Aren't they individuals?"

Because they're not the "good" whites, you know, libertarians.