Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Are you ready for Obama's Reichstagsbrand? There are many ways of rigging an election, if you don't mind wading through blood to accomplish it.

“The bottom line here is that Americans don’t believe in President Obama’s leadership,” says Rob Shapiro, another former Clinton official and a supporter of Mr Obama. “He has to find some way between now and November of demonstrating that he is a leader who can command confidence and, short of a 9/11 event or an Oklahoma City bombing, I can’t think of how he could do that.” -- From my post Credibility earlier today.

The Reichstag fire (German: Der Reichstagsbrand) was an arson attack on the Reichstag building in Berlin on 27 February 1933. The event is seen as pivotal in the establishment of Nazi Germany.

At 21:25hrs (UTC +1), a Berlin fire station received an alarm call that the Reichstag building, the assembly location of the German Parliament, was ablaze. The fire started in the Session Chamber, and, by the time the police and firefighters had arrived, the main Chamber of Deputies was engulfed by flames.

Inside the building, a thorough search conducted by the police resulted in the finding of Marinus van der Lubbe. Van der Lubbe was a Dutch insurrectionist, council communist, and unemployed bricklayer who had recently arrived in Germany, ostensibly to carry out his political activities. The fire was used as evidence by the Nazis that the Communists were beginning a plot against the German government. Van der Lubbe and four Communist leaders were subsequently arrested. Adolf Hitler, who had been sworn in as Chancellor of Germany four weeks before, on 30 January, urged President Paul von Hindenburg to pass an emergency decree to counter the "ruthless confrontation of the Communist Party of Germany". With civil liberties suspended, the government instituted mass arrests of Communists, including all of the Communist parliamentary delegates. With them gone and their seats empty, the Nazis went from being a plurality party to the majority; subsequent elections confirmed this position and thus allowed Hitler to consolidate his power.

Meanwhile, investigation of the Reichstag fire continued, with the Nazis eager to uncover Comintern complicity. In early March 1933, three men were arrested who were to play pivotal roles during the Leipzig Trial, known also as the "Reichstag Fire Trial": Bulgarians Georgi Dimitrov, Vasil Tanev and Blagoi Popov. The Bulgarians were known to the Prussian police as senior Comintern operatives, but the police had no idea how senior they were; Dimitrov was head of all Comintern operations in Western Europe.

Historians disagree as to whether Van der Lubbe acted alone or if the Commmunists or Nazis were involved. The responsibility for the Reichstag fire remains an ongoing topic of debate and research. -- Wikipedia.

Please go back to the top and re-read the quote from Rob Shapiro. Shapiro, being a veteran Clintonista, knows of the power of transformative events. His boss, the Philanderer in Chief, was largely seen as irrelevant in the months following the 1994 (woefully misnamed) "Republican Revolution." Newt Gingrich was seen as the top dog on the block.

For his part, Clinton whined to the media on 18 April 1995, "The Constitution gives me relevance . . . The president is relevant here."

Then the calendar page turned a day, to 19 April 1995. With the OKC bombing, Clinton's political fortunes reversed.

As Ambrose Evans-Pritchard told us after Clinton's 1996 re-election: "Relaxing on Air Force One after the election, Bill Clinton told reporters it was the Oklahoma bombing that proved the turning point in his political fortunes. It was the moment when the militias, the Christian right and the Gingrich onslaught against government all melded together in the public mind as one rampant movement of extremism. `It broke a spell in the country as the people began searching for our common ground again,' Clinton explained."

I am not going to get into how much the Clinton regime knew, or didn't know, about the OKC bombing in advance. That they knew of the conspiracy was certain. My friend Oklahoma journalist J.D. Cash and me used spend long hours sifting the evidence he uncovered, trying to decide if it was a double-cross or triple-cross. In other words, did the Feds set up a sting that got away from them -- for there was certainly a sting operation in the mix -- or was it from the beginning a Reichstag Fire scenario?

In the end it did not matter, for Clinton used the bombing masterfully to resurrect his political fortunes.

Which brings us to today. Now it is Obama who has fallen into a "credibility gap." It is Obama who is increasingly seen as discredited and irrelevant.

Will his narcissistic ego, his appetite for power, be content with marginalization and "irrelevance"? How about his puppet-masters, the people like George Soros who paid big bucks to get Obama where he is today? Will they be content with the wreck of all their plans?

And so, as Clintonista Shapiro tells us, Obama needs another Reichstagsbrand.

Remember Evans-Pritchard's characterization: "It was the moment when the militias, the Christian right and the Gingrich onslaught against government all melded together in the public mind as one rampant movement of extremism." The OKC bombing put everyone on the defensive.

Can you think of a better way to neutralize IN AN INSTANT the Tea Party Movement?

And if you can think of it, the Obamanoids certainly can too. Shapiro has told us so.

There are many ways of rigging an election, if you don't mind wading through blood to accomplish it.

This is not the Nineties. Of that we can be thankful. Clinton was viewed as many things, but not fundamentally anti-American. Obama on the other hand has legitimacy issues that Clinton never did. Like another Waco, or another Katrina, another Oklahoma City would not meet with the same whipped dog response from the populace -- especially the armed citizenry -- now, today.

What we have to be thinking about NOW is what will be our response when Obama's Reichstagsbrand opportunity is presented to him.

I invite your input on ways that we can cope with such an event and flip the consequences back on the tyrants who solicited it.


Anonymous said...

The opportunity for Obama to create a Reichstag event and capitalize on the confusion is less than it was for Bill Clinton. Clinton succeeded in marginalizing his opponents by recreating himself as a centrist Democrat. He was also able to present himself to a gullible public as being folksy and approachable. The "wimmun an chil'ren" (and the Nancy- boys, I may add)eagerly took refuge in his arms.

But Obama lacks the humility to back away from his strident militancy and does not have the seductive warmth and beguiling charm that Clinton could seemingly gin up at will.

I predict Obama will be "takin' it to the streets" in a main-force effort to further paralyze the economy. He will then offer to mediate the violence in exchange for concessions to his authority to govern by diktat.

We flip this back by interposing the militia between roving gangs and a frightened populace.

This *is* why you all have been training, isn't it?


Walter said...

Two thoughts:

1. The knives are coming out. There are no coincidences when it comes to the Clintons and their minions. The mere fact that clintonistas are beginning the savaging of the Obama administrations means that Hillary has decided to take Obama out.

2. The Tea Party movement and its natural allies must be ready with a counter move. Right now there is no viable candidate on the conservative side. No viable candidate; Hillary wins.

Doc Ellis said...

This looks like a Republican hit piece. Did somebody forget about the mass murder of 11 September 2010? That event catalysed a Republican-led assault on liberty in the US. Cliton did not get a Patriot Act, or a Military Commissions Act, or invasions of various communities to the extent of the Republican-led assault. This essay looks like propaganda.

Anonymous said...

"I invite your input on ways that we can cope with such an event and flip the consequences back on the tyrants who solicited it."


It's kind of hard to discuss without knowing what the event will be, but knowing how much Obama loves the Muslims I doubt it will be another 9/11-type event.

I could easily see it being another OKC. There would be no better way to get most of the "anti-government extremists" to denounce this level of extremism, thus causing them to tone down their own rhetoric. Sadly, it would have to be a pretty nasty event to accomplish this goal and will most likely, again, involve children.

If that would be the master plan, the element of surprise, therefore, would be to see extremists doing the opposite of what is expected of them. The government-planned Reichstagsbrand should be the event which triggers a slew of unexpected ones around the country. Can you imagine all the three-letter agencies trying to divide their resources and cope with that kind of situation?

Let me clarify, the dozen or so events which follow should not be copy-cat imitations of the Reichstagsbrand event. There is no need to stir up even more anger in the media and public, but since they are already angry why not get a few more little punches in while reputations are already at rock-bottom?

The goal is to stir up the anger of the government and cause disruption so they lose more than they hope to win from the Reichstagsbrand event.

Perhaps a "100 Heads"-type campaign would be sufficient to offset their gains, one head for each innocent killed in their Reichstagsbrand event. They might still get some gains in terms of public favor or the next election, but their master plan would be severely disrupted having so many top officials six feet under. And I doubt they would try such an event again knowing it comes at such a high price.

Bill (Bad Cyborg) Mullins said...

I see no way for us to "flip the consequences back on the tyrants who solicited it."

1) I am convinced that there WILL be some sort of "incident" before the next congress is seated in January next. The congress that is elected in November will never be seated.

2) The MSM is even more devoted to Obama than it was to Clinton. Even if we had absolutely INCONTROVERTIBLE that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Obama Administration was BEHIND and even ACTIVELY PARTICIPATED IN the incident it would never get onto the MSM - or even Fox for that matter.

All we can do now is stand our ground, get/stay ready, and work DAMN hard to make sure that nothing like Ft Sumter occurs.

Beck was right. This IS just dress rehearsal for Civil War. Eventually the show WILL go on.

Bad Cyborg

parabarbarian said...

What make you think this isn't part of the Plan? Do not forget who is Secretary of State.

Never count Hillary out while she's still alive. It's a pretty good bet that there is large part of the Party who have not forgotten who she is and, as the Obama disaster become more clear, the party faithful can present Hillary to the socialist vote-drones as the true savior.

Anonymous said...

If you know intel, Shapiro just told us their plans...

"If you listen, most bad people will tell you their intentions. One time, the free-grazers, 'bout a year back? That weren't no idle story." Charlie Waite

Jimmy2Times said...

Maybe they'll SAM another airliner, like they did to TWA flight 800. No, they'll do something bigger.


Anonymous said...

Potential Reichstag? From Michele Malkin:

Sharing a couple of interesting e-mails from my mailbag over the past week…

From reader D…

Hello Michelle-

I am a federal employee with the US Geological Survey who often does field work near the border.

Last week we were told to not travel to field sites within 5 mi of the border between Buenos Aires Nat Wildlife Refuge and Douglas, i.e basically all of the SE Arizona border. This decision was apparently based on communications with the Border Patrol and is supposed to be a temporary situation.

I have no other information and don’t know if any other agencies are issuing similar warnings. But, this leads me to believe that some US operation is planned or the Border Patrol is anticipating something from across the border.

I thought this odd enough to forward it because you may receive related info and so that you be tuned into news from the area.

And from an AZ insider…

There is a huge gearing-up of ICE/BP regarding what may be a major drug enforcement Ops in southern AZ. Agents brought in from all over the US for a 2-3 month TDY. Unusual that all directives are coming from Napolitano’s D.C. henchmen. With Napolitano’s long history of adoration towards Mexican government officials, there is concern that this could lead to some type of giant ambush caused by our very own double agent (the Director of Homeland Insecurity). Something very peculiar is happening and I am concerned that AZ is going to be punished in a big way…

…some of the more seasoned agents are concerned about this Washington-driven investigation…Some think that this is going to be for show. Others are really concerned for their own health and safety.

Taylor H said...

That's a lot to chew on. He certainly hasn't taken advantage of the oil crisis.

Anonymous said...

I would like to think that fairness and objectivity, would rule the day in elections and any debate.

Having been on the planet longer than 30 seconds, I have figured out that only happens, when people respect and fear the reactions of others to insults, cheating and subversion, not to mention, overt censorship, propaganda and indoctrination, 24/7/365.

Then, when government/s take a side and it's the other side, every time, you kinda get the idea that there might be a problem, and not being an absolute fool, you begin to realize the ramifications of the information you have collected.

You then examine yourself for mental stability, realize that you are neither paranoid nor crazy and that everything really is happening as you perceive it. You then also realize that none of it is accidental, and that you have limited means to avert disaster, and that is also part of their plan.

Somewhere along the way, you realize that they are waiting, for someone to do something stupid because they want to use it, against you and everyone else so that their seizure of power, can be completed.

I am now convinced that deterrence is a faint hope at best.

Remember the old cartoon of a dirty, torn up warrior on a smoky desolate battlefield, holding and machine gun in one hand and a bloody knife in the other, caption " I Think, I Won "....

Anonymous said...

This will be complicated since there will be little or no evidence to prove Obama or the government was involved in this Reichstagsbrand event, at least from the start. To most everyone it will appear the government had nothing to do with it, except to clean it up. If the paper trail behind that event is anything like Obama's own the truth will be difficult to uncover. Even after discovery of some of that truth, the media and public will be hesitant to believe it as too much time will have passed and the "official version" of history would already have been written. The window of opportunity in which to turn that event back on the government is very small and requires a leap of faith to use it.

I could almost see the next event being similar to the Hutaree situation in MI, except that the raid takes place after the planned damage had been committed. That damage could be pretty large, maybe even as big as OKC. Some believe it would not be out-of-character for the feds to commit the damage and then blame it on the Hutaree (used here as an example only, but could easily be the Tea Party, Oath Keepers, 3%, etc.) We shunned the Hutaree because they were a different brand of militia, but we would have rejected them even more post-damage. Thus, the Reichstagsbrand would have been accomplished successfully without a peep from the resistance.

If we're going to use the next Reichstagsbrand to our benefit, we've first got to be capable of immediately declaring it to be a false-flag event (this may require making an assumption, at risk of being wrong) in addition to overlooking every negative aspect of the person or group being blamed by the feds (such as McVeigh or the Hutaree). Said another way, regardless if we would have aligned with McVeigh's beliefs and Hutaree's methods or not, to use those Reichstagsbrand events to our advantage would have required us to act immediately. Regardless of what act we did we would have been seen by the media and the public as being McVeigh/Hutaree supporters, sympathizers, or even associates. We would have to ignore that and focus on the real motive behind our actions, which is to spin the Reichstagsbrand event back against the people who planned it. It requires all guts and no glory.

Paul Hausser said...

Your confusing this issue a bit.

The equivalant version of this would be that the Nationalists Tea Party Patriot movement folks like myself win in 2012.

Then a few months later the ex-Obamabots Bolsheviks set fire to the US Capital out of rage in losing to the Nationalists Americans.

That is the relevant comparison

Anonymous said...

If there isn't an "incident" between now and the end of October, I will be very surprised.

MamaLiberty said...

I don't see much we can do to prevent this or turn it back on the tyrants, but I will continue to urge my readers and friends not to allow fear of this to paralyze them or drive them into extreme positions. One of the greatest triumphs is to continue to live unterrified in spite of them.

I plan to survive, if at all possible, and laugh at the stupidity of my would-be masters when the smoke clears.

Laugh at them. Ignore them when possible... and shoot straight when it is not possible.

TPaine said...

We've got a very nice recipe for a Reichstagsbrand incident coming up on August 28th at the Lincoln Memorial. What a fitting location, right there in Lincoln's lap, for the Black Panthers to start their "white devil" purge, striking back at all those racist Tea Party people who deserve to die. And with police permission, who will look the other way as the armed Panthers wade into the "white masses" - oh, lok out! Here comes the collective redemption.

August 28th might very well be the turning point.

Dick's Dad said...

If the public are expecting a big publicity stunt, they will be much less likely to believe the spin attached when it happens.

Anonymous said...

"Unintended Consequences" by John Ross.


Anonymous said...

I've never understood how Timothy McVeigh, the alleged bomber and mastermind of OK City, was tried, convicted, and executed so very quickly.

There are thousands of murderers sitting on death rows across this country for years, in fact DECADES, fighting their executions. McVeigh, gone in several years.

Always wondered about the speed in which he was sent to meet his Maker.


Larry said...

We need only point out that Obama's attacks have now become direct attacks on the citizens of this country, and that the country has to defend against this community agitator, now treasonous mass murderer.

Nothing he says will be believed any longer, and will only be trumpeted by his coconspirators.

We must make good on our promise, No more free Wacos!

CorbinKale said...

I concur with TPaine.

Whatever is brewing, it will be race based. Joel from 'The Ultimate Answer to Kings' blog brought up the point that Jesse Jackson has been strangely quiet these days. Anybody heard from Sharpton lately?

The hairs on the back of my neck are standing up. Something has been planned and it looks like the professional race-baiters have been muzzled.

Dick's Dad said...

What if the event is the Martyring of the first "black" president?

That means the loss of the best recruiting sergeant libertarians have ever known,


Hitlery given a free ride like the one Woodrow Wilson got.

Baz would be welcome to come over and hide at my place - so long as he doesn't try talking politics.

Seriously, I think that sufficeint individuals would be well able to see through a Reichstag fire type stunt if they were expecting one to occur.

Just keep putting the word around.

Anonymous said...

I ran across two articles (Monday or Tuesday) that discuss the same thing, and what might be done to prevent it:

This is from Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs blog;

And this is a followup from Anthony Martin of The Examiner, and how to POSSIBLY prevent the October Surprise

Remember, if we let TPTB know that we are WATCHING, CLOSELY, they won't be able to pull off a "surprise."

B Woodman

Lamb said...

This little post today gave me the *willies*.
Just seems like everyone that is *aware* knows something is coming, we just don't know where or when.
We just know it will be bad, REALLY bad.
If they want to fuel racial tensions, it will either be an act directed against a Black symbol/institution (such as a black school or college), OR it will an action that will be perpetrated by a Black against a White symbol (Monticello or Mt Vernon while numerous school tours are going on, for example).

If they want *major league* and as much collateral damage as possible...look for it to be some place like a Disney Park or Six Flags. Or maybe some place that *militias* would see as a *good target* (in the gov't.s estimation)--private school in NY or near DC where diplomat and ambassador's kids go or something like that.
According to friends, Tim McVeigh thought he was going to wake up with a new name and a new face. Moral of that story; Be careful what you agree to admit doing. Whether you did or not, it doesn't matter, the proof can be manufactured.

If it is supposed to be a *foreign power*, all bets are off. They could go for a port (probably Houston, too many military assets in San Diego & Va Beach/Newport News & Fla. and Obama knows most Texans are pissed off at him, anyway) Too many Democrats in the Pacific Northwest and the Northeast states.

I guess the best things to do right now are:
1) Stay prepared
2) Stay alert and aware
3) Stay aware from major theme parks, ports and historical sites.
4) Don't believe all the BS the msm tries to shove down your throat.
5) Don't trust the government.
6) Again...stay prepared.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that the 'unifying' action they will invent will ostensibly be directed outward - maybe in concurrence with internal crackdowns on domestic dissent which is already being characterized as terrorism/racism.

The internal crackdown can be more easily hidden within the widely publicized 'official' propaganda response. This binary approach would overwhelm the independent reporting system Cloward-Piven style to hide the real goal of neutralizing internal threat vectors. Instant gleischaltung.

The collective's leadership is beginning to realize that they need to avert the gaze and re-consolidate the attention of the American people who are for the most part rejecting the internal class/race fault line narrative the 0bamanational socialists have been working to widen.

They need an external focus to neutralize domestic pushback and staunch the political bleeding out of left moderates and apathetic network content masses who are feeling the effects of the Bolshevik slippers at their throats and increasingly searching for face-saving ways to distance themselves from responsibility for and support of the clusterfrack in chief they enabled.

Another existential foreign entanglement would serve to fix and reduce the politically unreliable military and provide the catalyst for creating that executive branch directed domestic civilian force (that's just as well funded as the military) that the '0' was touting during his campaign.

Interesting times.
Learn to make your own powder.

Word verification: unchoot
"You can't unchoot a bullet."

Dennis308 said...

There are to many variables to be able to Guess What or Where this ¨Reichstagbrand¨ could be initiated. If it happens it will be between now and the elections. Or a few months before the Next Presidential Election.
There are too many Players on the board. Soros and Co. will not be willing to let Obama fail. They did spend to much time planning his accent to the Presidency only to fail now this close to accomplishing there mission. UNLESS, that is a part of the Plan also. A disaster or catastrophe that would shatter Obama´s ego and the dreams of his followers.
Hillary´s ambitions have not reached culmination. And there still could be a Soros, Clinton alliance, she has been all over the world and would have had opportunities to have been approached or to initiate any such alliance or even before Obama won the Democratic Primary. And Obama is and has been surrounded by Clintonites since day One. She is also heartless enough to take part in any plan that would complete her Ambitions.
The only thing I can see for us to do is to keep getting ready and to Watch our own little parts of this Big Picture and gather all the information that we can on the events and people involved in them. And then share that information online so as not to have all the information in one place.


Anonymous said...

Yes, its all coming full steam ahead. Just make sure you know who is on your team before the game starts.

Important Note: Bill Clinton and Newt Gengrich were (together) the parlay KINGS. They played together, gambled their chips together, for a common cause of destroying The Constitution and personal/political gain. See The John Birch Soc. expose' on "The Real Newt Gengrich" here: -- Warning, if you are a supporter of the Constitution - this video will really piss you off. -- And remember, Newt is trying to wed himself with the tea party as we speak -- BEWARE!!!

Anonymous said...

Whatever it is, IT MUST be started by them - NOT US!

But once they start it, we must give NO QUARTER and reign destruction down upon them like nothing else this country has ever seen.

If only I were financially independent, I would already be planning, staking out and watching and preparing for that IMMEDIATE response.

I still say that if one morning there were a half dozen progressive "players" mysteriously absent with no explanations of what might have happened to them, it would give us negotiating value.

Think SEIU, ACORN, TIDES,, etc. and Czars.

Just a few high level key progressive "players" and we'd definitely have their attention.

Notice I did NOT say anyone had to be killed!! Just missing and out of play.

This will require appropriately trained individuals with requisite resources and access. Think SS, CIA, Black Ops operatives etc. (oath keepers?)

If only I had the necessary resources and contacts!

sofa said...

Another possible path is something with economic impact, so "we all have to pull together" and maybe large worker organizations will be needed to 'get everyone working again'. Economic privation (or distrupted travel) leads to limited food, which means direct control of farming and tighter transportation security forces, and less food means it's a good time for a plague of some convenient virus to get health care 'stuck in'.

Economy (which they will say was recovering) was taken down by 'terrorirts'. The food and medical suffering flow from that, but provide excellent means to get all the Obama Homeland Security Corps manned up and "in charge".

What to do? holds all these cards. Independent resilient communities would be reacting to the scope and be ensnared in it. Their plan must be one that limits alternatives, while cutting out the legs from regional answers so they consolidate everything in the central planning committee.

Solzhenitsyn had some good advice for your immediate locale. After that, it's hard to stand up alternatives, if they 'go large'. How bad do they want it?

Anonymous said...

A series of events I greatly fear is the coordinated assassination of Obama and Biden, putting Pelosi in the presidency. If this was followed by an economic collapse, the combined panic could be used to justify the terminal 'postponement' of elections in November and further advancement of the collectivist agenda to destroy the nation. This method of incitement would be useful to turn the public against anyone who would seek to pursue fourth generation warfare tactics against any high ranking public officials. I emphatically state that I would not want to ever see any of this happen.

Anonymous said...

Trying to figure what will be done is complicated by the plethora of possibilities.

What is needed is Intel. We need to keep eyes and ears open, lines of Commo clear and unspoiled so that as pieces start falling into place we can see it coming.

It is also possible that the 'powers behind Obama' are hoping to stir the pot until it blows on its own and are not actively planning anything other than pissing everyone off until something (anything) happens.

Allow me to add a few tidbits to the mix...
1. Where is the major internet line that runs through the country?
2. Where is the main rail line that runs through the country?
3. Are these two 'lines' congruent?

The attack might come, first, in a little place like Hanna, Wyoming.

Anonymous said...

If the "Reichstag Event" is handled anything like the oil spill is/was, I doubt we'll have anything to worry about.

Everything is pointing at Obama being a one-trick pony, who is incapable of making any decision of importance.

Look at how long it took him to decide to "surge" in Afghanistan.

Look at his handling of the gulf oil spill. It makes Bush's handling of Katrina look like a masterful performance. Only his media support has helped keep that under control, and he's even losing that as the tarballs pile up on Florida beaches.

It's becoming obvious that Obama was struck completely dumb when he got elected; like a dog catching up to the car that it had been chasing.

The hardcore left that got Obama elected, however, is rapidly watching their dreams fade. If anyone could do something rash, it's them.

And we all know that they are perfectly happy to throw their own under a bus.

Maybe this will result in Hillary starting her run a few days after the Nov 2010 election, splitting the Democratic Party in two.

Or maybe not.

sofa said...

While we're prognosticating...

GOP takes House, but is not capable of stopping anything (cannot stop czars and executive orders). But now GOP are complicit and can be easily BLAMED for things.

Obama's work is done and he wants to play more golf - So Hillary steps in, in 2012.

Christian Patriot III said...

With Mrs. Obama telling blacks to increase the intensity at the NAACP conference and then the NAACP turning around to declare the tea party racist, there's a pretty bright line from the White House to Black rage.

But the Democrats have always fed the blacks into the mill. They don't care about them and as far back as Douglas Stevens regard them as less than themselves. So yeah - knowing the depths the Clintons went to in their various dealings, I can see this being something they have been pulling strings on to get the centrist and leftist Black folk up in arms (literally) against the rest of us.

Looking over the various emails I'm getting from various organizations lately, it seems the incredulity meters are pegging in all quarters not sympathetic to the Obama master plan to fundamentally alter the USA. I agree - we should keep circulating information, pointing out the logical fallacies of the incendiary arguments being used by our foes as they continue to panic and keep formulating response plans.

The other thing I've been trying to do is to keep people on the narrow path. We have to keep our contacts and followers from becoming as scared and panicked as the collectivists are fast becoming.

Our major liability is the media. That means we have to have coordinated responses to engage local media ready to go. Messages should contain known and relevant facts, should avoid speculation, should reiterate the position that we are dedicated to liberty and freedom, not tyranny and terrorism and that the acts of individuals should not be taken out of context for political gain. I think that last point is the generic salve. Pointing out the effort to derive political gain from any MSM propagated WH spin on any situation puts the taint of incredulity on it immediately.

Anonymous said...

Lamb et al, that's the fly in the ointment, whatever the event is there's no easy way to predict where it will be.

Lincoln Memorial? The St. Louis peace arch? Mall of America? O'Hare Airport?

Keep your eyes open, America, the rest of the year will be "interesting".


Anonymous said...

Just for the record it is physically impossible for one man to make 2 tons of amfo. And even if you could find the strongest man in the world who could mix this up in the back of a van in a state park all by themselves it is likely that the first batch/barrel would have seperated by the time he finished the last batch and it would no longer be very explosive. But the really ironic part of the who arguement is the FBI bending over backwards insisting Tim acted alone,which forced them to downplay the size of the bomb. But at the same time claiming the bomb was big enough to do the damage we all saw. But even with all those mental gymnastics it is physically impossible for an amfo bomb of any size to blow up in the open many feet from the building and sever a five foot thick reinforced concrete column. What Tim did I do not know but I do know the bomb in the truck did not cause the damage we all saw.

Big Al said...

Doc Ellis said...
This looks like a Republican hit piece. Did somebody forget about the mass murder of 11 September b>2010?<b

You are either clairvoyant, or made a 'typo'
maybe mike can edit/clear that up.

at the edge said...

Our government, and therefore our country, has been hijacked. Foreigners, or non-nationalist Americans among others, used the Democratic party as their Trojan Horse. They got in like invaders in the night. They erected a token president and quickly began to tear down the system, first by padlocking all his records, such as the birth certificate, college records, loan records, college writings, journal articles. Then every day brought new czars and new take-downs. Most of the time the president must not use his own words. They have the media painting him nice, and never mentioning anything wrong about him. Every morning the media and the White House discuss the "talking points" the media must put out. Tearing down America also means unifying the world into a feudal system and who better to cater to for that than the muslims. They only know and only want - dictatorship. (Every one of their over 22 nations are dictatorships. It's their mentality.) So tear down the greatest icon of American ingenuity, NASA, and pour muslim puke into it. If a black panther gets caught in the mess, they unshackle him. After all, these will be their foot soldiers. They'll need the courts so they pack these accordingly. Etc etc.

You get the point. It's a bad dream. We're being taken over right before our eyes. They're now out in the open and shooting with heavy ammunition.

Dedicated_Dad said...

'Anon 7:21 :

The truck-bomb set off a cache of high-explosive illegally stored in the ATF office.

Look at the plans of the building, where their office storage-areas were located, and the patterns of damage.

Now it all fits - no?

The big question, then, is this:

Was mcv just "lucky" that this stuff was there?

Was the stuff put there deliberately to turn mcv's little-one into a bigun'?

Pure coincidence?

Neither coincidence or luck is likely, IMHO...


PS: Lamb -- how do we know he DIDN'T wake up with new face & ID??


Anonymous said...

Looks like TPaine and CorbinKale have verification in this article.


Anonymous said...

I think it is going to be interesting to see how Obamanation is going to out-do Clinton and Bush.

@ Anon: July 14, 2010 7:21 PM

Oh yea ... but Bush is a republican. ;^]

TPaine said...

I still say a major event at the Lincoln Memorial on Aug. 28th is the best plausible scenario. The Panthers and the NAACP have riled the black community up, saying that only they have the right to honor King at the Lincoln. Every left-leaning pundit is crying, "Stop Beck! It's an insult to blacks and King! We were going to have a rally at the Memorial and Beck stole it from us!"

The Panthers are promising to be there, including those who have recently issued death threats on whites. Everyone on the right scheduled to participate is pledging peace and non-violence (as has been the case in EVERY right-wing rally).

This could very well end up in a lop-sided bloodbath, and even though the blood will be conservative blood, the incident will be all that's needed to put the brakes on the election and declare U.S. streets unsafe because of national racial violence.

And if this happens, guess who will jump right into the fray! The white supremacist and Neo-Nazi groups have been waiting for this day.

Anarchy is right around the corner. Be prepared!

Anonymous said...

Just a friendly reminder to some folks who need it:

BOO! The de-mo-crats! If it wasn't for the Democrats! BOO!

Sing along and put this to memory...

You voted for the dumbocrats all these years and here we are.


You voted for the repukocrats all these years and here we are STILL.

Get it?

Some of you throw out "the democrats" as if the republicans were controlling all of DC and every State house, we'd all be living in the land of the free. FAIL!

(Don't go being to harsh on those dumbocrats. After all ... they ARE carrying over many of the Bush policies ... with their own flavor du jor of the day.)

Anonymous said...

Here is a wild one for you.

A few years back, several of the psychics I know started pinging on a long term (as in a few years off)event.

A nuclear detonation in a harbor.
Probably on a cargo ship before it unloaded.

There was argument as to whether it was San Francisco or Seattle.

But, what kind of Reichstagsbrand would that make?

Anonymous said...

This is the scenario I fear the most. Assination , either successful or an attempt. 2 second "investigation" with the blame placed on"conservative, right wing, caucasion tea party members". The "Black Community" goes nuts. Riots, death, killing ensues, catching most of the "White Community" off guard. After suitable bloodshed, and score settling, a very reluctant "Martial Law" is declared, with citizen disarmament following close behind.

Martial Law is itself Unconstitutional. The Constitution states that a "Republican form of government is guarenteed". Not that that little detail will stop the powers that be from doing it.
I pray for the Anointed Ones continued good health.

Anonymous said...

The worst part about the whole OK City bombing is that "something" was covered up. There is considerable evidence that there were foreigners (perhaps terrorists) involved in the plot. For reasons we will never know the FBI covered up that link. I know some would like to blame this on ATF and who knows they might have done something that needed to be covered up. There are even a few nuts who think the government intentionally blew the building up, I'm not one of them. But "something" was covered up and for reasons that escape me our press has been more or less complicit in the coverup. In fact there are many "coverups" that our press failed to deem newsworthy. My concern is that since justice was never served in this that there are people still out there who will do this again (or may have already done it).

Anonymous said...

Penis Pump for ILLEGAL Cost Taxpayers $50,000.00

by Todd Starnes

A Minnesota town is outraged over reports that an illegal immigrant was implanted with a penis pump – paid for by taxpayers.

Shakopee Police Chief Jeff Tate said the expense to taxpayers was more than $50,000.

“It’s shocking,” he told FOX News Radio. “It’s certainly disturbing as well. You know it’s not going to set well with the public at large.”

Scott County Attorney Pat Ciliberto wants to know how an illegal immigrant was able to obtain tens of thousands of dollars in medical assistance.

“There’s no logical argument for why that should have been approved,” Ciliberto told the Shakopee News. “I don’t know how many illegal aliens are getting emergency medical assistance for such a procedure.”

Ciliberto told county commissioners the cost of taking care of illegal immigrants in their community is skyrocketing.

“It should be obvious when Scott County goes from seven bookings in 2006 to 90 bookings in 2009 – that Arizona’s problem is Minnesota’s problem, too,” he told the newspaper.

According to published numbers, the county spent more than $800,000 housing inmates with immigration holds – and that doesn’t include medical coverage.

“We have no control over the southern border,” he said. “We don’t know who is coming in and what country they’re coming from.”

Regardless, local officials said they are required by federal and state laws to provide welfare to illegals – from court costs to health care – including a penis pump.

At least one local said they sympathize with the plight of Arizonans.

“My hats off to Arizona, to people who’ve said, ‘We’ve had enough,’” Commissioner Barbara Marschall told the newspaper. “We’re thousands (of) miles away from the southern border. It’s here and it’s going to get worse.”

Paul X said...

Hey, if he decides to burn down the US Capitol, so Congress has nowhere to meet, it might be worth it. Can't say that it would bother me that much.