Wednesday, April 27, 2016

George Patton is Back Up

Mr. Patton comes from a long slumber to give us dire warnings and portents.  Evil never dies, says he.


Chiu ChunLing said...

I used to have a huge problem with the "fire can't melt steel" crowd. Leaving aside the fact that using fire to melt steel is literally the first fact about steel, the fact without which there cannot be steel in the first place, the essential fact necessary to understand every manufacturing process involving steel, etc., I also feel reasonably certain that the "fire can't melt steel" idea was created by government operatives in the first place for the specific purpose of discrediting anyone that tried to seriously investigate to which Federal agencies were culpable or even complicit in 9-11. I came to that decision after a long period of thinking it was just lib-tards demonstrating their usual degree of mental acuity, but after arguing with these people for a while I realized that they had sources of disinformation that were intentionally crafted by folks who should have known better, and some that could not have been created by anyone ignorant enough to actually believe fire can't melt steel.

For a while, that just made me fight against them even harder...until one day I looked past the argument itself at the dynamics, and I decided it didn't matter that fire can melt steel, it didn't even matter that "fire can't melt steel" was deliberately crafted disinformation. What mattered was that "fire can't melt steel" was more effective at convincing people not to trust the Feds than it was convincing them that 9-11 'truthers' were kooks.

Around the same time I started looking around at the proliferation of disinformation sites (many thinly disguised as 'satire') generally and stopped being so concerned about them. Sure, they're a bad thing, and the people intentionally spreading disinformation deserve condemnation. Sure, it works against your credibility to be taken in by them yourself. Sure, when you see otherwise right-minded people embarrassing themselves by propagating such drivel you give them a heads up that it's disinfo.

But these 'alternative narratives' are starting to hurt the credibility of the regime a lot more than they hurt the credibility of anyone else. It doesn't matter that most people don't know the Feds are probably behind most of the surge in disinfo. What matters is that the proliferation of alternative narratives erodes the mindless adherence to popular consensus on which illegitimate regimes depend. Among the most discerning subset of the population, this takes the form of being more willing to consciously consider that something that sets off the ol' B.S. detector was created by the Feds to discredit someone. But that's not the only or even the most useful effect. The disinfo proliferation has gotten so bad that even the masses who would like to just parrot the 'official narrative' no longer can reliably find out what exactly it is. It doesn't matter that they aren't inclined to blame the Feds for this even if you showed them absolute proof (like the dozens of main-stream articles admitting that the Federal agencies are doing it). They are simply too confused to know which sources to believe.

The thought of 'Kerodin' or whoever initiating a false-flag attack and attributing it to the III% distresses me, of course, but no more than the long history of the mainstream media blaming actual terrorist attacks by other entities on "angry white men" or the Patriot movement. I don't like terrorist attacks, I don't like the Marxist propaganda organs blaming those attacks on the only people trying to actually save civilization. The Feds conspiring to plant extra false evidence ahead of time...bad, criminal, wrong, but ultimately not all that important. Most people who unquestioningly accept the 'official narrative' don't look at the evidence, and most of those who do look at the evidence are starting to be suspicious of the government whether or not they know how steel is made.

Chiu ChunLing said...

As for 'Kerodin' as a disinfo agent, I'm not in an especially good position to analyze his content specifically (because I'm not really interested in reading it), but I basically have the same feeling about all disinfo proliferation at this point. It's disgusting and I don't want to get any on myself, but overall it works against the regime a lot more than it works for it. I'd feel differently if I approved of the folks running the various fundamental social institutions of our civilization, but I don't.

I guess that's the real crux. Maintaining the integrity of a popular consensus based on truth would matter if civil war weren't inevitable. But we adopted the sobriquet of III% for more than one reason, and one of those reasons is that, realistically speaking, we don't expect everyone to figure out which is the right side. We understand that history is made by determined minorities, and popular opinion follows.

We also get that the Feds and their Marxist masters are going to try everything they can to hold onto power and legitimacy. They'll use dogs. They'll use probes. They'll use cardioplate crossoffs. They'll use teepers. They'll use bribery. They'll use stiktytes. They'll use intimidation. They'll use torment. They'll use torture. They'll use finks. They'll use cops. They'll use search&seizure. They'll use fallaron. They'll use betterment incentive. They'll use fingerprints. They'll use Bertillon. They'll use cunning. They'll use guile. They'll use treachery. They'll use Raoul Mitgong, but he won't help much. They'll use applied physics. They'll use techniques of criminology.

And what the hell: they'll catch some of us.

But it will cost them more than they can afford, and it will hurt them more than it helps.

Bibleater said...

And the churches, they will use the churches too. A whole choir full of cognizant dissonance immune parrots. Talk about a force multiplier. If not already, we'll be as popular as a hair in a biscuit.

skybill said...

Hi Sgt Matt and Mike,
I only have 3 words to put into the fight........
Back when nobody knew "kerodin" Mike had this Blog... One day back when, he started talking about the concept of the distribution of loyalties in our Revolutionary period. one third of the population,,,,,,..... etc. and from that became the "III%" and kerodin hadn't started anything yet.... Well Mike came up with this neat idea for a "III% patch" 'wa-la!!' Offered them for sale, I sent off my two box tops and 25 cents and got 3 of the patches embroidered with the Roman Numerals III and the words "Audentes Fortuna Juvat" translated from the Latin "Fortune Favors the Bold." .........'still have the envelope the patches came in!! Go Figure!! it was not long after that our boy kerodin attempted and for all practical purposes tried to "USURP DEFACTO CONTROL" of the "III%" concept claiming like a first grade hot shot that "He was 'First' at marbles!!".... Meanwhile, back at the ranch.... Mike just smiled, kept on chuggin' and let kerodin keep ranting. 'Did I tell you about the "Patch" and "the envelope??" Tangible things..evidence that "PREDATES" any of kerodin's claims!!......well..I went diggin' in my "Archives" and wa-la I have in my grubby fist that envelope with one of the patches left in step-son Robert has one and the other one I sport proudly on my jean jacket!!..... Did I say the word ""PREDATES!!!!" .......
Oh yes, there is my "Canceled Check" for the goodies if any one wants to go to Court to challenge my claim!!!
Ever since kerodin started all his ranting....well..."I knew" and just like Mike, ....waited and smiled.......
skybill-standing by
PS The "First" patches were offered in "O.D." ..not long after Mike offered a second set in "Desert Tan"...I am holding two of those in my hands now!!!
PPS. Matt,,, please tell Mike for me...My Prayers are with him....and as long as I can breathe...I don't mind "walkin' point" in our fight.... I will "Carry On!!"
from- "Mike's Man in Manchac" (Mike knows the Place!!)
Blue skies,

DTG said...

Actually, to put a fine point on it, Mike, Pete (WRSA) and I pulled the patch together. I actually wanted the number '3', but Mike had the better idea with the Roman numeral III. Pete had the slogan; I did the design and had them made; Mike put it out on his site (I didn't have a blog back then) and so did Pete. You're exactly right about the time frame and specifics. There are still some Audentes Fortuna Iuvat patches out there; you never know, they might turn up again for those that want them. I kept a few as mementos, but I'm pretty much out of the patch ordering/selling business. The return address on your envelope had RWE in it, too, correct?

Glad to know they're still out there being worn.

wirecutter said...

Patton may take a while to post something but when he does, it's dead on.

David Codrea said...

1st post on III patches.

oughtsix said...

I had sammy's number from the get go, and, yes, I'm proud of that.

He was/is so obviously a malignant narcissist with the assorted mendacious skills of a sociopathic con man, and was so obviously trying to co-opt, rip off and pervert Mike's entire concept of the III% that it never ceased to amaze me that so many were hoodwinked into supporting and defending him.

The vitriol directed at Mike was nauseating. Yes, I know that telling the truth, as Mike always did, in eloquent, blunt and stark fashion begs for such, but that it came from some folks who should have known better was astounding, and because of the simple bruising of egos.

The question of sammy's "handlers" or lack thereof is uncertain, which is all the more reason to neutralize his every influence, at every opportunity.

If we can't discern more finely than that, and have such delicate pretensions to infallibility, how can we hope to survive to promote the Good we have allowed to be taken from us?