Monday, April 25, 2016

A message from Mike.

I collected a number of Freedom Fighter grade magazines for distribution in armed civil disobedience actions in New York and Connecticut. I would like to see if there are any volunteers to publicly distribute these in defiance of those laws, but there is little likelihood that I can participate myself. I'm simply running out of time. As originally envisioned, I have a reporters for a major news organization to cover it and my plan was to use the venue of some county (NY) whose sheriff has publicly declared his opposition to SAFE act enforcement.
CT of course is a bit more problematic, but if necessary, CT's portion can be reassigned to NY. If there are any volunteers who are willing to take the risk, please email me. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Chelsea Clinton promises her mom’s Supreme Court will gut the 2nd Amendment

Obama has already nominated Merrick Garland to fill Scalia’s position on the bench. He’s about as anti-2A as they come, and if he’s confirmed, you can be 100% certain that he’ll overturn 2008’s District of Columbia v Heller decision. That would eliminate the concept of gun ownership as an individual right, basically gutting the 2nd Amendment.

He may or may not make it through the nominating process, but rest assured. If he doesn’t, Hillary can’t wait to appoint someone else who will eliminate your rights. As Chelsea Clinton is all too happy to admit; her mom has plans for Heller…

In other words, “With Scalia dead, we can finally destroy your 2nd Amendment protections the way we’ve always wanted to, and we’re pretty excited about that.”

Unknown said...

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skybill said...

HI Sgt. Matt and Mike,
cc to "anymouse" above......
Somewhere someone wrote something to the effect of..."Peace is that time between wars where everyone reloads!!!" Chelsea, with that goodie two-shoes comment of hers and excrement eatin' grin n her face, is an ostrich with her head not in the sand but a very dark place where the sun don't shine and they have to pipe daylight in....
Mike and Matt...'was goin' thru my collection of "Mags" of various cal. for various pieces and I'll gladly part with a few for the cause!! 'Can't get involved with the delivery but I can contribute a few goodies.
I'll be in touch,,,,,real soon.