Saturday, December 12, 2015

"War In Europe: Why The Army Is Worried."

Ever since Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014 and seized control of Crimea, Pentagon planners have been trying to figure out how they could cope with further land grabs by Moscow. Their greatest concern is that Russia will move on the three small Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania — the only former provinces of the Soviet Union that have joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and that other alliance members are therefore obligated to defend. Internal Pentagon estimates suggest Russia’s military could occupy the Baltic states in 2-3 days — well before NATO could organize a coherent response.


Anonymous said...

If I read only lamestream publications, then I might believe everything written in this article. But I don't do either. And as someone who avoids the mainstream propaganda this article made my head spin. It read "the Army is equipped to take down forces like ISIS." Really? If that's the case, then they just admitted that our military is not really trying to take down ISIS because we've been engaging them in this phony war for over two years with little to show for it. And the charade was going nicely until Russia started air strikes on ISIS strongholds with real results...Another point they allude to is Ukraine. Although western Ukraine culture is quite different than the eastern part, which is more Russian in nature, all was peaceful between the two until George Soros started funding radical elements looking to control the western provinces. That leads to Russia having a threat right at their front door. And with NATO controlling the Baltic States that puts Russia in a position of being surrounded on their western flank. I wonder how our military would view a Russian controlled Mexico or Canada? They certainly weren't thrilled with Cuba being a Russian satellite or with them making headway in central America in the 80's and we still had a huge buffer with Mexico in between them and us...My point to all this is: like you say, Mike, about "poking a wolverine with a stick...", I believe the same could be said about poking a bear. Stop antagonizing the damn thing and maybe it won't attack you...Putin made a statement last week saying he wants Russia to become the leading grower and exporter of non-GMO foods. Our corporate led foreign policy is designed to spread that poison all over the globe. And although Putin is part of the old Soviet oligarchy, the guy is nationalistic, not a globalist like our puppets. He wants his population to actually increase, as opposed to our death-cult, anti-human agenda mass murderers in Washington. AND, he's certainly not the guy trying to disarm Americans while dismantling the constitution on a daily basis. He makes his young males stronger through physical fitness and shooting programs designed for youth and our leaders want them walking around looking for a "safe space" in women's clothes. I realize Putin is probably just as corrupt as any other oligarch, and his connections to world banking is more than meets the eye, but at least in his Russia everyday is not opposite day...

Chiu ChunLing said...

Basically, this is all a round-about way of admitting that we've lost the war and trying to figure out how to deal with that.

Of course, the military establishment isn't admitting that they're admitting that we've already lost the war, so they're talking a bunch of stupid smack that's just going to get front-line soldiers pointlessly killed.

Elder Son said...

I am surprised that the whole Ukraine fiasco has escaped some people. The whole NGO-StateDept-USNATO induced Ukraine Orange Revolution was NEVER about dumbocracy, but about removing the Black Sea Fleet in Crimea... and Biden oil in East Ukraine.

Taking a look at a map of Russia, E & W Europe, Persia, and the M.E. SHOULD be sufficient enough for people to figure the WHY of the intent to remove the BSF.

And Russia didn't have to "INVADE" Ukraine. Russia was already in Ukraine. Crimea being at one time... part of Ukraine.

Hate him, or love him, still living under the school desks listening to the "freedom" bells, or not... Putin proactively, in light of NGO-StateDept-NATO attempt to "free" Ukraine for dumbocracy KNEW what it is all about.

And now Russia's BSF is a thorn in USNATO's Bambi bombing of CIA-ISIS and NGO-StateDept-NATO designs in Syria.

Very few people get it. Anyhow get damn map and figure it out.

Ed said...

What do the following countries have in common?

Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia.

They are all nations that have all or in part been occupied by Soviet troops. Do you really think that they want that experience again with Russia?

To that group we now may add Montenegro. As expected, Russia is not happy.

Contrast NATO with the CSTO – the Collective Security Treaty Organization:

The Soviet Union had attacked Finland in 1939-1940 with only limited success, which is said to have encouraged Hitler that Germany would have success if it attacked the Soviet Union:

Ukraine refused to join CSTO. If and when Finland and Ukraine attempt to join NATO, expect things to get real interesting. The Russians are still rsentfull of Allied intervention in the Russian Civil War:

Nemesis said...

Anonymous at 5:01 AM. Could not agree more with your assessment of this post. If the media were still real journalists instead of a fifth column we would all be a little wiser to the shenanigans of the Globalist's and their agenda.

Soros has been made a pariah by his own country for the plain evil moves he has assisted in bringing about around the world using his money which is handed out in lots of thirty pieces of silver to those greedy enough to sell their souls to the most evil megalomaniac to ever be born into this world.

Satan has nothing on Soros!

TSE said...

How about the "war" in the US - my former hometown of Racine WI. looks like a bombed out ruin tens of thousands have left - and everything is in decay. There are no jobs, and those that remain or are created are low paying with few to no benefits - unless you are in the white criminal ruling class. Who says White Privilege doesn't exist - I am a poor White man, one of the regular Joe blue collar working sobs that has been worked over by the fascists laws and police in Wisconsin - where the primary growth industry is Prisons.

The Russians? I see what they are doing in Syria - and they have actual Christian values - they reject the homosexual agenda, they practice free market Capitalism in a more true form than the Kleptocracy and Crony Capitalism practiced down to the lowest levels in Racine, WI. - where ownership is NOTHING - politicians have complete control - and a Business or Property is just a worthless tax liability.

The Russians and Europe are the least of my worries - I would welcome the Russians with open arms.

Anonymous said...

But those people HATE the russians, unlike in the Ukraine area.

Anonymous said...

And yet I still prefer California. Go figure..