Saturday, December 12, 2015

Texas demonstration reactions.

"Texas Mosque Draws Protest, Counter-Protest Demonstrations."
About 20 people, half of them armed with rifles, rallied outside a suburban Dallas mosque against Islamist violence and Syrian refugee resettlement. The demonstration organized by the Bureau of American-Islamic Relations drew a counter-demonstration by about 50 people. An Associated Press photographer reported that while there were frequent discussions between both sides, they were peaceful and intervention by the dozen police officers wasn't needed. The protesting group included members of the "Three Percenters" who consider themselves patriots protecting the homeland from Muslims. They previously organized armed protests outside a mosque in Irving, another Dallas suburb.
LATER: The story was also picked up by Al-arabiya and no doubt is being used as propaganda in mosques around the Middle East right now: "Protesters with rifles rally outside Texas mosque."


jon said...

hmm. i'm not sure that was productive, and i'm not sure it wasn't.

i put all the blame on the AP reporter for the conflation angle, which of course is there in plain text. however, this photo does not show the presence of any nyberg flags, yet, there was at least one. they could have done that, but didn't.

now i'd say DW is a good texan, as are the rest of 'em there, "getting involved" as it were, but also that they are unintentionally fueling the mixed message the AP reporter is looking for.

Anonymous said...

It's easy for an idiot to carry a rifle in public.
Too bad someone didn't test their shooting skills.
I'd love to see a video of these mice scattering for cover.

Anonymous said...

What a worthless group of losers. No doubt their (ex) wives/mothers or the gov. check pay the bills. A different country, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Real men don't carry prosthetics outside their pants.

Chiu ChunLing said...

Well, it seems that an anonymous 'real man' is relying on a prosthetic inside his pants.

I have to say, I really cannot fathom what reasoned objection there could be to making it clear that Muslims can expect to suffer negative consequences from their continued support of terrorism. We all know that Islam feeds on the perception of weakness, not strength. Immoral displays of strength are possible, China and Russia both provide plenty of evidence. But moral displays of strength are also possible.

Why exactly isn't this one?

If you're going to say it's because the media didn't cooperate then I have to say that, by that standard, moral displays of strength aren't possible and we should just give up and surrender to tyranny. Not that I care enough about your ideas of morality to actually do that.

Anonymous said...

It was a rally against Islamic violence as well as against the recent policy allowing the resettlement of Syrians to several of our communities.
Who could have a problem with protesting against violence. The 3%ers are standing up and saying, if you commit violence in the name of Islam here there will be some citizens who are going to stand up and respond with force.
The article states that the 3%ers are patriots protecting the homeland from Muslims. Not true. The 3%ers are patriots who have pledged to protect our nation from ALL enemies, foreign and domestic, no mater the religion or race of the enemy. It is not an anti-islamic group.
The article mentions another rally and march called United Against Racism and Hate. Heck yeah. I think we can all get behind that including the members of the first demonstration.
All patriots, 3%ers too, are united in our opposition to racism and hatred. The original rally at the mosque served as a notice to the muslim worshipers there that American citizens will not tolerate the racist and hateful actions of the devout members of that religion.
It, the mosque demonstration, was a response to the fact that a week ago 2 devout muslims walked into a building and killed 14 people in a terrorist act directed specifically against people who were not devout muslims. The demonstration was a statement to other devout muslims that the next time something like this is tried their may be one or more citizens who has plans to return fire.
Devout muslims are extremely hateful. They hate gays. They hate non-muslims. They hate women having equal rights. They hate guys who down't have beards. They basically hate anyone who doesn't follow their particular brand of violent bronze age sky faerie worship.
So if anyone was part of a demonstration against Racism and Hate it was certainly the 3% group and those with them at the mosque. They were there to stand up to the hate that devout muslims display. They stood up to the racist attitudes of the devout members of a violent religion which exalts a warmongering pedophile as it's prophet.
I stand against racism and hate. I also stand against violence of any kind and I am ready to respond with violence if necessary.