Saturday, December 12, 2015

Imagine that.

"4 bikers shot in Waco with gun type police use."
Four of the nine people killed in a melee between rival biker gangs outside a Texas restaurant were struck by the same caliber of rifle fired by Waco police, according to evidence obtained by The Associated Press that provides the most insight yet into whether authorities were responsible for any of the deaths and injuries. . . Hours of audio and footage and hundreds of documents including ballistics reports show that four of the dead and at least one of the wounded were struck with bullets from .223-caliber rifles - the only type of weapon fired by police that day.


Anonymous said...

The Liberal Theology Of Gun Control

How does a man who entered the White House vowing to restore science to its proper place tell us that gun control is the answer to terrorism?

After all, California already has strict gun control, as does France, which just had its second terrorist massacre this year. Not to mention that the one time when terrorists with assault rifles and body armor were foiled, it was because an off-duty traffic cop in Garland, Texas, was carrying a gun—and used it to shoot the two heavily armed Islamists before they could kill anyone.

Or that “common sense gun control” would have done nothing to stop Richard Reid (the unsuccessful shoe-bomber); the Tsarnaev brothers in Boston (pressure cookers) or the 9/11 hijackers (box-cutters). Maybe the president should be demanding common sense pressure-cooker control.

Yet while the critiques of the president’s antigun pitch are correct, they are also beside the point. Because liberal calls for gun control aren’t about keeping guns from bad guys. It’s what you talk about so you don’t have to talk about the reality of Islamist terror. And focusing on the weaponry is part of a liberal argument that dates to the Cold War, when calls for arms control were likewise used to avoid addressing the ugly reality of communism.

Understand this, and you understand why Senate Democrats reacted to San Bernardino by putting forth antigun legislation. Why the New York Times ran a gun control editorial on its front page, and the Daily News used its own cover to feature the National Rifle Association’s Wayne LaPierre underneath San Bernardino killer Syed Farook—labeling them both terrorists. And why President Obama used Sunday night’s address to whine about those resisting his call for gun measures that would not have stopped any of the shooters.

Put simply, today’s liberalism cannot deal with the reality of evil. So liberals inveigh against the instruments the evil use rather than the evil that motivates them.

Anonymous said...

i guess if the Bikers had used AR15 rifles we would not ever have heard the end of them being equiped with "assault weapons" - just goes to show that in Law enforcement hands they are seen as 'good' rifles and only become vilified 'bad' rifles in anyone elses hands ...

Ma Duce

Zeus said...

Ballistics:In other words they looked at the bullets and said "yeah those are .223 alright"every couple shots well change the pattern of ballistics enough to cause very probable doubts or just a swabbing with a steel cleaning brush or file stuck in the barrel. Ah but I'm rambling since most know this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Duh . Did anyone expect any thing different. On another note. Want to bet how many of those 56,000 law abiding Ct residents. Who complied / registered their dreaded black rifles. End up on Obama's and Malloy's no fly /no buy list. Malloy/Lawlor are creaming their jeans with anticipation. Just dying to resend pistol permits / hunting licenses / FOID cards. The icing on the cake will be an executive order to turn those AR 15's/ magazines in. If not jack booted CSP, with warrants, or not. Will be kicking in doors. To impose a collectivist tyrant's will on " We the People " of Ct. The veil is finally lifted. They want it all pistols, rifles, and shot guns. The crescendo of the drums of war are beating a lot louder for Ct's once law abiding gun owners. Malloy got his head so far up Obama's ass. All you can see are his ankles. Ankles Malloy does not care about any citizen who exposes the 2nd Amendment. To him we are the enemy ,the lunatic fringe. He would see us all dead. That evil little collectivist wimp. Will be the spark / fire that kicks of the 2nd American Revolution. Behind enemy lines Ct.

Anonymous said...

Whatcha bet the majority of other shootings were by weapons brought by other LEOs. The 5.56 is only id'd with the Waco Police. They are hiding this, because it's an unjustified, completely unnecessary massacre, probably set up by federal agents working with Wacko PD and other Texas LEOs. And they wonder why we're unwilling to trust them entirely with our protection! Absolute power corrupts, absolutely.

Anonymous said...

Lords and serfs. The lords and their protectors may carry weapons, but they insist that none of the serfs do. That is what gun control is all about.

Modern progressives who boldly call for the President to take unilateral action against guns are, of course, advocating treason. Them, along with the media that reports the President's lament that he couldn't get done all the things he wanted because of that dang Congress, seem to forget that the President swore to do a job subject to constitutional limits. He swore to execute the laws (passed by Congress) and protect the Constitution. That was the job: Not to do everything he wanted (he's not Caesar).

So when Progressives say, bypass Congress, ban guns, they might as well add, suspend elections, declare yourself "Dear Leader" for life, and appoint such as those please you.

Anonymous said...

No surprise..Big Brothers Police state marches on...and the false narrative and lies of the Mainstream drones on to the beat. The best corruption that Tax payers money can buy...
Ill puke if I hear the nonsense, "Not all cops are like that"....If they don't police their own they ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.... and the REASON why Police get away with these MURDERS.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen