Thursday, December 3, 2015

So, where did the firearms come from? And were they "illegal"?

"ATF Says Rifles Used in San Bernardino Shooting Were Illegal."
"2 Guns From San Bernardino Massacre Came From San Diego Store: ATF."


Anonymous said...

Purchased LEGALLY four years ago ...

"An acquaintance purchased another .223-caliber DPMS rifle at the same store on Farook’s behalf."

Duh! Isn't that the definition of a 'Straw' purchase?

Ma Duce

California Midwesterner said...

Odds are they were legally purchased and then modified into an illegal "Assault Weapon" configuration--which is California law only.

Probably they were bought with Bullet Buttons installed, rather than the standard magazine catch button, then the BB was replaced with a regular magazine catch.
Under the laws of the People's Republik, that makes it a felony "assault weapon" to possess, plus each post-2000 >10rd magazine was a felony to acquire.
Or, if they just used >10rd mags with the BB, that counts as a felony "AW" too.

Laws behind the Redwood Curtain are just grand! (and based on the 100% non-compliance with Los Angeles's recent magazine confiscation ordinance, almost universally ignored)

Anonymous said...

The weapons pictured in the linked posting are classified as "assault weapons" by the state of Kalifornia and must be registered with the state attorney general. If legally registered (grandfathered) they can only be possessed on the property of the owner or a licensed gun range. For transport to the range the local law enforcement "must be notified". They could have been purchased legally in any jurisdiction outside of Kalifornia.


Anonymous said...

If it's illegal guns I would check with that congressman, Lee up in San Fran, he had good connects from what I heard.

Anonymous said...

I just read one of the guns may have been bought through a San Bernardino cop? The jihadist was a restaurant inspector with friends on the force. Time will tell, if this report is true.

Anonymous said...

So the illegal guns were purchased legally? Am I reading that right?

Anonymous said...

I saw one news clip that said the guns were acquired with a straw purchaser. That would make the guns illegal. I haven't seen or heard a news item that said the vwnue was a gun-free zone, but I'll bet it was.

- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

There are no illegal guns! Haters! These guns are only "undocumented!

Anonymous said...

The guns were not illegal, as such. They were, however, acquired illegally. Let us not pick nits, unless you have lice.

- Old Greybeard III

Anonymous said...

If the male jihadist purchased the handguns from an FFL, how is that an illegal acquisition?

Unknown said...

What makes an "assault weapon" in California? This flowchart might help:

If the rifles had any "evil features" (as we euphemistically call them) such as pistol grip, collapsible stock, detachable magazines, greater than 10 rounds,etc., then they were illegal in California.

From what I have seen, the jihadis had >10 round magazines and a standard magazine release; no "bullet button".

All of this is in addition to the potential "straw purchase" element.