Thursday, December 3, 2015

Keep talking Bozo. Sell some more firearms and ammunition for us. PLEASE!

"Obama: Still 'too easy' to buy guns in America: The president is weighing a new executive action that would increase background checks for small-scale gun sellers."
The administration is considering at new executive actions the president can take without approval from Congress, in particular a move to require more background checks for some gun sales by requiring some small-scale gun sellers to get a dealers license from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Earnest also called on Congress to pass a new assault weapons ban—the San Bernardino shooters were using assault weapons purchased legally—and to change the law on background checks to stop people on a terrorist watch list from purchasing guns. The National Rifle Association has said an outright ban for those individuals is not necessary because law enforcement officials are notified when they try to buy a gun and can make a case-by-case decision. Senate Democrats are working to force votes Thursday on the watch list bill and a universal background check measure that failed in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings. Earnest dismissed as irrelevant whether any of those particular proposals would have stopped this particular incident.


Anonymous said...

The fact that this Usurper Fraud constantly looks for ways to implement his agenda by going around Congress tells you all you need to know about this POS. History will not look favorably on a generation who allowed this pathetically poor example of a human being occupy the White House for two terms. How is it possible that he is still in the White House?

Galaxie_Man said...

If I am not mistaken, the two mooslim terrorists in San Bernadino bought their firearms legally. So didn't James Holmes, Nancy Lanza, and Richard Dear. That tells me the whole NICS is a worthless piece of shit. Tell me again how is expanding "universal" background checks to private sales gonna stop the mass murders? The world will be oh so much safer when Uncle Joe passes on his Browning bolt action .30-06 to me after receiving government authorization, but the local crackhead will be able to still get his stolen Glock from the trunk of a car with ease.

We know what they really want, total citizen disarmament by way of registration and then confiscation. Keep pushing Obozo..... the Mangalores in the 5th Element movie say, "If it's war they want, it's war they'll get!"

Anonymous said...

We have a government produced secret black list with 700,000 names on it which they chose to call a terrorist watch list, or no fly list.
No one explains how a person gets put on the list, and no one explains how a person can get taken off the list.
No evidence of a crime, no warrants issued, no charges made.
This is absolutely Orwellian.
I understand the goal of our statist politicos is disarm all citizens so they can exercise total control of the people.
They are not anti-gun, they just want all the guns for themselves and their minions in order to control all the disarmed people in our country.
What most of them do not understand (Living in their ivory tower) is that our revolution of 1776 did not become a shooting war until the British tried to confiscate the arms at Lexington and Concord.
Lets pray it doesn't happen again
Paul in Texas