Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Training and accuracy trumps firepower.

"There's no advantage for a handgun over an assault rifle," said Dick Fairburn, a veteran law enforcement officer who is a columnist for "An assault rifle has more distance, more accuracy, more power, more penetration. . . You cannot downplay what he did there."
Granted, the officer likely had on some sort of protective jacket. But Tom Fuentes, a former FBI assistant director and current CNN contributor, said that the thin Kevlar vests often worn by police would be useless against an assault rifle round that "will go through that like a hot knife through butter."
The same can't be said for bullets coming from the officer's pistol: The attackers' body armor likely would have blocked those.
Thus, aiming for the suspects' torso -- as officers are trained first to do, since it is their biggest possible target -- is no longer an option. But still, somehow, the traffic officer managed to down both men in seconds.
"It speaks to his skill level," Fairburn, who is a firearms trainer for law enforcement, said of the Garland officer. "In terms of weaponry, he was far outgunned. But he was far better trained."


Anonymous said...

Aim small miss small!

Anonymous said...

One of the principles taught the first day at Appleseed: Hits Count.

TorresD30 said...

If you are going to bring a handgun to a gun fight, make sure the caliber starts with a '4' .

Left Coast Conservative said...

Chuck Yeager: "It's the man, not the machine."

Anonymous said...

It often comes into my mind on how i would react if assaulted in one of those 3 am Gestapo raids. And i also wonder about the body armor and came to the same conclusion of aiming for the legs from a certain sandbagged foxhole that may (or may not) exist. If necessary "coup de gras" can be delivered afterwards. That being said, accuracy is of prime importance to avoid shots being fired around, through or short of the targets

Jimmy the Saint said...

The Romans had a saying: "Against a fortunate man, even the gods are powerless."

Maybe the guy was well-trained, maybe he's preternaturally cool under fire, maybe he's the second coming of Wild Bill/John Wesley Hardin. Then again, maybe he just got lucky in terms of positioning, attacker focus, etc.

At any rate, well done.

Ed Gage said...

From the news article we learn that the officer used a Glock.45 acp, and that his name is not going to be revealed for which let us give thanks.

At some point, the shooting community is probably going to want to replicate this action in competition, so we’ll hope to hear of such details as distance, angles, number of rounds, magazine changes, movement, use of cover/concealment, time, and such-like. I don’t want to come across as ghoulish, but this officer seems to have set a pretty high bar for practitioners of firearm self-defense to emulate.

I would hope these details could be shared without revealing the officer's identity.

And to him, I doff my cap in awe!

Anonymous said...

Head Shots ??

Robert Fowler said...

Hips and heads boys and girls, hips and heads.

Anonymous said...

Ain't nothin like training, realisticly!!!

Well done SIR!! Hope those in the know pickup his bar tab for awhile!

Anonymous said...

I can only hope to be good enough to carry his water.

Anonymous said...

The whole thing seems a bit suspicious to me. Almost as though the Feds are running a version of PATCON with easily manipulated and provoked Muslims these days.

Anonymous said...

There are some handgun calibers and loads that go through class IIIa bod armor. Just a matter of research.

Anonymous said...

Give Me A BLEEPING Break everyone! I don't believe this made up story for one second!

Let me get this straight: For some strange reason, Pam Geller just decides to have a muhammed cartoon drawing contest in Garland,Texas of all places,In the vicinity of Jade Helm 15 operations scheduled to take place soon ( Like the Military isn't already in place ).

Then We have two "Terrorists" ( Next joke ) who once again, have connections to the FBI. Then they drive all the way from I believe Arizona, to risk their lives to take pot shots from the street and while carrying Semi-Auto rifles, they happen to get allegedly Gunned down by a patrolman with a pistol ( Remember the LA bank shootout in the nineties, when two Robbers had virtually the entire day shift of the LAPD hiding in fear for their lives until SWAT showed up? )

All while the F.B.I. and the Garland SWAT team and a CNN producer just happen to be on hand for the event. Have I got all of that right?

Then as usual for the Finale...Both assailants are more than "Conveniently" Dead so we can't find out what really happened or if anyone is really Dead!

Now I don't know if this is about Trying to Pre-Condition the American people to the Lie that 'ISIS' is here in mass numbers in this Country, so if Our government Tries to stage a "False Flag" in the Southwest blaming 'ISIS', so that the American people already Pre-Conditioned by "Attacks" such as this will more readily ( In theory at least ) accept Martial Law, from the already Pre-Positioned Jade Helm 15 Military Forces in that area or is this just about Trying to make a case to Try and censor criticism of islam in general?

Whatever is going on in Garland, I don't believe the narrative for one second and I believe this Entire thing was Staged from beginning to end!

Allen said...

like my grandfather used to say "it isn't the dope on the weapon, but the dope behind it, that matters"

he survived a long time in the phillipines with little more than slam-bang shotguns. we'll never know how many japs he killed, but my guess is more than his fair share.

Anonymous said...

Ok here's how you do what the officer did.

Double tap to the cardiac area, pause for effect, no effect, double tap to the head.

Prerequisites are exclusive double tap shooting practice, from the holster after demonstrating repeated competent engagement from the ready position, muzzle at a 45 degree angle to line of sight targeting.

Your attention must be focused on your front sight.

Do these things and you will approach near SEAL competencies with a side arm. You will be deadly at extended handgun ranges as well.

Incidentally, the officer will become known to the public, it's just a matter of time because people can't keep their mouths shut for a variety of reasons.

Anonymous said...

Good job.
I suspect that the officer was expecting trouble, so probably mentally prepared.
Obviously he had training and skill.
Good job indeed.
I hope that we can all learn and emulate this fine man.
God bless us all, many dark days ahead.