Thursday, May 7, 2015

There's a reason Illinois used to be called "The Sucker State."

Democrat Introduces Massive Gun Grab Bill In Illinois Senate


Anonymous said...

Just a heads up. I$RA is the siamese twin of $AF. While the threat IS there, they tend to make a huge production out of it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you mean the I$RA that $upported and pu$hed and backed the $tate Preemption bill that was $uppo$ed to end all these local gun banning problem$??

Maybe it isn't true all across this country but it certainly is here in Illinois - the NRA, ISRA too, are TOOLS OF THE PROGRESSIVE COLLECTIVIST BASTARDS.

THIS BILL cannot go anywhere and the ISRA full well knows it. It is a DISTRACTION as the suppressor factor simmers to a boil - you know, the BANNING of OTHER things that even the federal leviathan "allows" if you pay the extortion fees called tax stamps.

So why does the ISRA play this game?
The previous poster NAILS IT!

So as I've said again and again-
Stop sending ANY money to those pathetic posers (all of them). Buy guns and ammo instead! Got "enough" for yourself? Great, buy some for your kin, your neighbors or those who could use a kickstart in preparing for what approaches.

Remember - rights are like muscles...exercise makes them healthy and strong. Neither is made healthy or strong by paying someone else to do it FOR you.

Anonymous said...

It would be short sighted to blame Illinois State Senator Julie Morrison. She's only doing what the majority of her constituents who bothered to vote sent her to do.

Rather blame the "suckers" who sent her and her kind to fill positions of authority in Illinois and all across the U S A.

Anonymous said...

Nothing happens in the house OR senate here in Illinois without the direct permission and direction of Mike Madigan (House Speaker). He runs the show - especially regarding democrats actions.

This kinda smells to me like a bone tossed to the NRA and ISRA - to fundraise and then declare "victory" after it goes nowhere- when it was never intended upon going anywhere.

If ya give that ISRA money or the NRA money - YOU ARE A FOOL.....sheesh, how many years are you going to go around on the same merry go round???

Here's the reality. The ISRA and the NRA pissed off a LOT of people with their treasonous backstabbing antics regarding concealed carry. Their precious IGOLD rally has been PATHETIC ever since -and the "leaders" lie to themselves and everyone else in claiming it's because people got that they wanted -so now they don't think they need to come out in support.

When REALLY, the TRUTH is that the "elites" threw so many folks under the bus, broke so many promises, and sacrificed OUR rights for their own ego stroking that a great MANY won't come out to support the ISRA or the NRA anymore.

We had constitutional carry ordered by the courts IF the ISRA and NRA would have just STOOD UP and REFUSED TO BOW. But sadly, those training dollars were just too much temptation for their greed to resist.

9 million people and a hundred thousand "permits". Yeah. That's why IGOLD has SUCKED two years running and will SUCK for the foreseeable future.

So see, they require a BOOST in "donations" and a "win" to tout trying to regain lost credibility. The funniest part is that they actually think it is going to work -again.

I told ya so, you fools. But you just wouldn't listen.
Suckers? Yeah it's the sucker state alright. The puke filled lobbyist toe suckers who toss salads thinking they are winning when the ONLY bills passed by Mike Madigan are GUN CONTROL bills - period.

Wake up. Do not send them even one penny! When they ask - tell em this....
When open carry of rifles AND handguns is no longer criminalized - complete with the elimination of poll taxes and other permission based infringements, you will resume donations. Tell em it's Thier Turn to PRODUCE A REAL WIN know.... EARN those donations. If you continue to fund the reach around -like THIS EXAMPLE - don't complain about what keeps happening to your poop chute at the same time.

Tell the NRA and the ISRA that you no longer remain fooled. Not a penny!!! Not one cent!!