Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Study finds fewer Christians, more unaffiliated in US. "I am God, I am Satan!"

Hardly surprising given the collectivist war upon the culture.
And in an apparently unrelated bit of drug-addled confusion: When police arrived, the report says she charged the officer while screaming, "I am God, I am Satan!" The officer wrote that he backed up at first, but then Tasered her and took her into custody.
Gee, she couldn't pick one or the other, she had to be both? Now that's megalomania right there.


Anonymous said...

In a society which increasingly expects less and less from people, this is hardly surprising.

Anonymous said...

Then there are those Christians, that have become disillusioned with "doing church" and have joined the home church movement, like . We are watching the rise of the Church of Laodicea, as foretold in Revelation 3.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the number of Asian and Muslim immigrants have something to do with the decline in number.? Or it could be the weak message from some puesdo Christian churchs.