Sunday, May 10, 2015

Saw my first "Black Lives Matter" tee shirts this week.

Now I'm not a tee shirt guy but I'm thinking of having a hat made that says "ALL lives matter, collectivist morons."


Anonymous said...

Black lives matter to racialist hucksters.
All lives matter to Liberty Minded Patriots.

Black lives matter...
For playing the race card.

Black lives matter
To those who only see color.

Black lives matter
To those who only care about color.

Black lives matter
But white lives don't.

Black lives matter
Except when blacks murder blacks.

Black lives matter
To make make wallets fatter.

Black lives matter
But for what is the question.

I'm sick and tired of racist crap. Black folks have got to get it through their heads that BEING BLACK has ZERO to do with the things they complain about.

Traffic ticket drama? Yeah, the pOlice pull that anti fourth amendment fifth amendment (well let's just say constitution) to ALL colors of people. Drug war? Yup, white boys get hemmed up in that unlawful Prohibitionist garbage too. Beat downs? Uh huh. Ever watch Cops?

And on the flip side - when ya go to jail for stealing, robbing, raping and killing ...well YER NOT GOING TO JAIL BECAUSE YER BLACK!!!

I ain't at fault for slavery because I have white skin. Black People owned slaves too. You ain't poor because yer Black...white people be po too, ya dig homie? So stop whining about and blaming your skin color or mine for your own ills- step up and do something about it!

My sons best friend is black and his daddy would tan his hide if he EVER chumped out and blamed his skin color for his own failures. Proud of them, I am. Hope it instills within me that more and more black daddies will raise their kids just the same way.

Imagine this, Second Amendment Defenders -
Getting all those church going black folks in the inner cities to see that embracing their freedom and the responsibility that goes with it - complete with voting for Liberty minded small gubmint conservative libertarians ...... Wow!! We have to convince them that THATS how to ENSURE that black lives matter just as much as white lives - EQUALITY!!! Wow, what a novel idea.

So "black America" do you want FREEdom or FREE stuff?
That's your choice. CHOOSE!

Chuck Connors said...

Great idea Mike. Sounds potentially like the beginnings of a great Three Percenter march event(s) in the near future--march, carrying appropriate 'protection devices', with Three Percenter hats and 'All Lives Matter' tee shirts. Prospective banners carried might read "All Lives Matter--Follow the Constitution" and "2nd Amendment Guarantees All Lives Matter."
Keep Rockin' Leviathan
I'm doing my part.

Anonymous said...

You may want to amend that to, "ALL Lives Matter, Even Collectivist Morons Like You"

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

I'm more partial to a t-shirt that reads: "Violent Black Thugs & White Punks Splatter" on top in crackly big block letters with: "when struck by hollow-point bullets" in smaller print below.

Maybe the back could have something about Asian & Hispanic/Mestizo gang-members after all neglecting to include them would be "racist" and I wouldn't want THa......aaaat

Anonymous said...

I had a shirt made that said
"WHITE PRIVILEGE IS EVOLUTION that's why Asians have it also"
I wore it to amusement parks last summer and even I was surprised at the lack of black literacy. Lots of white people supported it but even blacks I called out for cutting in line couldn't read it.