Friday, May 8, 2015

Slouching towards civil war in Washington state. SAF mulls next move after court setback on I-594 lawsuit ("Send us more money. That might work.")

"What rough beast, it's hour come round again. . ."
"Second Amendment Foundation Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb is mulling his next move after a federal district court judge today dismissed without prejudice the lawsuit against provisions of Initiative 594, the 18-page gun control measure passed by voters in November following a multi-million dollar campaign push by the gun prohibition lobby."
See also: A federal judge on Thursday threw out a lawsuit challenging parts of Washington state’s new law expanding background checks on gun transfers, saying gun-rights activists couldn’t challenge it because they aren’t being prosecuted for violating it.
Gee, maybe if Gottlieb & Co. got off their dead asses and tried violating it like Liberty For All, they could achieve "standing." Or maybe the judge just hopes for a civil war he thinks his side will win.


Bad Cyborg said...

Don't know about the rest of you but I found Gotlieb's plaintive cry of
“It is mind boggling that a law-abiding citizen evidently must put their civil rights, not to mention their clean criminal record, at risk before a court can rule whether a law is constitutional, ... It is definitely unfair ... that someone has to be chained and incarcerated before they are allowed to challenge an attack on their constitutional rights.”
to be positively heart rending - NOT! I like what one commenter wrote
"Do the words 'our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor' ring a bell? What are YOU willing to lay on the line, Dave - aside from other people's money, that is?"

Anonymous said...

"... saying gun-rights activists couldn’t challenge it because they aren’t being prosecuted for violating it."

Isn't the judge's ruling tacit confirmation of the principle of nullification?

Added to a setback for Gottleib, I call that a win-win.


Anonymous said...

The standing thing is such BS. So it can be written down that there are detailed plans to throw me and my family into a concentration camp, written plans to gas me if and when I go to said camp, but until the oppression actually starts happening, I have no "standing" in court.

So, I guess this means that death threats can't be prsecuted since until you are dead or injured in an attack, you have no "standing"?

@#@#%# lawyers.

Anonymous said...

Some time back Howard Stern told a story about a man who emailed him taking him to task for using his "bully pulpit" and daily audience of millions to do nothing more positive than spreading smut. Stern invited the man to come on his show and talked about the man's criticism with him for a while then dropped the hammer. I'm going to paraphrase but it went something like this.

Stern: "I'll give you unrestricted access to this microphone for the remaining hour of my show. You can say anything to my audience you want. OR you can have an all expenses paid date with this gorgeous Swedish porn star for the weekend," as said gorgeous blond walked on the set completely naked & sat on the man's lap. "She's more than willing to accommodate any request you might ask of her. So what's it going to be, Microphone or date?"

The man took the date.

I mention the above to preface the following. I'm going to bet that there is some amount of money that would persuade Gotlieb to shut up and go away, permanently. I have no idea what the amount would be, but I'm more than willing to contribute to a fund set up to find out!

Robert Fowler said...

Have no fear. Alan the bow-tie wearing snake-oil salesman will save us all. Now all they have to do is find someone stupid enough to get arrested and ruin their life so Gotlieb can ride to the rescue on his Shetland pony, white hat and all.

Anonymous said...

Judenrat Gottlieb is laughing all the way to the bank!

He did everything in his power to get 594 passed by floating his bogus 591 to confuse the masses now he can bleed those same masses dry while he rakes in mo money!

Any lawyer worth his/her salt knew what the result would be of this prematurely filing of a lawsuit against 594 and so did our dear judenrat; mo contributions.

Death before slavery!

Comrade X

Anonymous said...

This is why the NRA and now the SAF have argued AGAINST armed civil disobedience. They KNOW it takes standing and they also KNOW that once standing is achieved - the court has no choice but to render a decision on the merits.

Not long ago I was chided here by a particular individual for saying that WE HAVE TO CREATE STANDING.
IRONIC EH? Also ironic is that it's the opposite of BOWING. When you BOW (this includes expecting a few bucks sent to SAF to facilitate defense of our rights) you get ZIP! When you STAND you must be addressed rather than tossed out.

I argue again and again that groups together force the point. We must Avalanche the judiciary!!! One by one allows them to pick us off. Interesting the the lobby groups want ONLY one by one or two by two "perfect" plaintiffs. It's hogwash, folks.

A REAL lobbyist group that meant business would do this -
50 or more people as a group in every circuit and every district in the country go openly and concealed carrying, loaded, with standard capacity mags - you know the whole ball of wax including open sales- all at the same time. Politicos across the country would pass legislation faster than they did the patriot act!!!!!!

And they would prolly do it BEFORE the day of demonstration.

The court said we must demonstrate STANDING.

UH oh. The Fudds just lost their lunch. And THEIR gun control groups go into overdrive to push US out and tell us how wrong we are.

Well there it is folks. Lobbying IS NOT THE ANSWER.
BEGGING is not the answer.

STANDING is the answer.
Just like I said. And no, I don't have a law degree and I do post anonymous AND IM STILL CORRECT!

I take my firearm with me wherever I go. I keep it as close to me as possible at all times.
Am I willing to go further than that by myself - with the SAF and NRA OPPOSED to going any further?
Nope. Cuz I ain't stupid. Those gun CONTROL organizations ARE powerful and they have just been EXPOSED as gun CONTROL groups AGAIN! Gee, I was right about that too.

How's this possible? No law degree. No degree at all! No "press" credentials either!

Here's the question we must foist upon the court.

Is "keeping" owning arms-which REQUIRES both purchase AND sale a PRIVILEGE OF ALL citizens of these united States and..
Is there immunity provided by the same enumeration protecting buying and selling to attain ownership status from prosecution for privately AND OR openly exercising that right absent government interjection as a forced third party? Additionally -

Admitting that the right enumerated is keep AND bear, mustn't each decision and admission regarding keep ALSO hold true for bear?

The ONLY way to BEAT the gun control bastards is to cut than dandilion root all the way at the base. Gun controls TAPROOT is ECONOMICS!!!

We must DESTROY the premise that via economics the gubmint can skirt or ignore the second Amendment. We MUST force that truth out that BUYING guns and SELLING guns are RIGHTS!!! Those actions ARE privileges that also bear immunities. They are NOT permissions!!!

I stand in action and deed. I am prepared with ammo to argue my position on every front. The school of hard knocks has taught me well.

My biggest and best funded opponents?
The NRA and the SAF! They are BENT on due process incorporation to keep alive the state level preemption LIE! They both WANT 50 different fronts on which to fundraise. But Fudds are to closed minded to see that.

How many DEFEATS will you Fudds fund??
Or is defeat EXACTLY what you WANT to fund?