Friday, May 8, 2015

Okay, so now we're not cutting edge anarchists, we're evil-intentioned knuckledraggers straight out of the Middle Ages. "There’s a darker side to the DIY movement, where self-reliance meets libertarian zeal."

"I got the plans off the Internet and cranked it out on my 3-D printer. Boy is the Baron going to be surprised when he comes into the village to enforce his right of first night on my daughter."
The Medieval Roots of Our DIY Gun Culture
This article was forwarded to me with the comment: "A new approach to vilifying home gun making. Instead of pretending that it is new and unprecedented, admit that it is hundreds of years old and then argue that shows it is primitive behavior that should no longer tolerated."


Knuck said...

Primal behavior may be your saving grace.

Bill Hook said...

I think I know where they are going with this.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the author would love to see Americans far more dumbed down than they already are...Wait till he sees the homemade RPG's and grenades..

Anonymous said...

So damn funny. The hypocrites that railed against "the Man", since finding themselves as "the Man" are now demanding my strict obedience.

I will not be shamed into submission. I will not disarm. I will not go away. I will not be ignored. I will resist. I will evade. I will smuggle. And I will teach others to do the same.

Anonymous said...

I'm just waiting for the 3D program for a Bushmaster Chain Gun or a Minigun.
The comment about RPGs made in Bubba's garage is probably prophetic. After all, the Panzerfaust was designed with ease of low-tech fabrication in mind.

Anonymous said...

As a young teen, bored of bottle rocket tag, we had bucket launching competitions.
The winner of homemade bucket launchers?
A twelve ga shell spent crammed with red dot slid inside a a ten ga shell spent, electrical taped all around, drill a 1/8 hole for 18 inches of cannon fuse. Commence taping with electrical tape again, tight as it would go. Switch to duct tape. Tight tight tight. Back to electrical tape. When it was about the size of a soda can it was good to go.

Man boy howdy did we launch plastic buckets. What a blast! We had so much fun. No books directing our actions, no desire to harm anyone or anything. We just like playing with what called our own homemade firecrackers. Sheesh, doing that today, all these decades later, we'd be sent to jail!

Knucklebdragging? Sheesh we were just KIDS!! Dry ice. Pvc. Potatoes. All of it. It was just FUN!

That's what those boneheads won't tolerate. FUN!!

Anonymous said...

Syrian militants are using gun cotton as propellant for their 'hell cannons'. Easily manufactured and effective as a propellant. IMHO it would be great propellant and shell filler for smooth bore recoilless cannons for direct fire capability. RPG-2's are well within garage munitions capability, RPG-7's not so much, that is a much tougher horse to saddle.

Anonymous said...

Knucklebdragging? Sheesh we were just KIDS!! Dry ice. Pvc. Potatoes. All of it. It was just FUN!

That's what those boneheads won't tolerate. FUN!! "

Damned right. Riding in back of pick-ups with no belts, rumble seats, blowing the hell out of old shacks.... but of course, we were too stupid to now the dangers. Fucking lib-tards.

Anonymous said...

What really scares the political class is that we the people will start making items like the welrod pistol & the Delisle commando carbine for the purpose of hunting politicians & their propaganda flunkies.