Thursday, May 14, 2015

Not that I'm opposed to gun smuggling as an honorable profession -- it is, just consult the Founders -- but I wonder what's going here?

Cedar Rapids family accused of smuggling guns to Lebanon


Anonymous said...

I did not see this in the article, but the round count was in excess of 16,000 rounds. It has also not clear as of yet if they employed a straw purchaser.


Anonymous said...

These days, I'm thinking it might be nice to have relatives like this in another country. 3rd hand, I know some good folks that are in a bad way in Syria.

Anonymous said...

They were running guns to Lebanon. Probably to relatives for profit. The cover was a Halal market, go figure? Anyway, this is what's known as a "twofer"
we can promote "fear of ISIS" along with "vigilance agains larger purchasers".

One look at the photo of the "lawr enforcement officers going into a suburban setting wearing full multicam is enough for me. The retarded circus continues. Pan et circuses!

Anonymous said...

Christen names make me think one thing whereas Muslim names makes think another.