Saturday, May 2, 2015

I'm not one of those hyperventilating over Jade Helm, but I find this both interesting and appropriate.

Texas State Guard ordered to monitor military’s Operation Jade Helm 15


Anonymous said...

Yes, and now they've canceled some of their "exercises" in Texas:

TRex said...

While we shouldn't be hyperventilating,
Eternal Vigilance is always demanded of us.

And seeing them cancel, reminds me that those who watch us don't like us to watch them.

Phelps said...

Also note that this is the Texas State Guard, not the National Guard, so they cannot be federalized and never report to the President, only the Governor.

(And, knowing a few members, I can verify that they are FULL of oath keepers of the lower-case variety if not upper case.)

Anonymous said...

Weren't the Massachusetts Bay Colony militia tasked with monitoring the activities of the Regulars and Marines?

'History doesn't always repeat itself. Sometimes it just screams, "Why don't you listen to me?" and lets fly with a big stick.' -- John W. Campbell Jr