Monday, May 4, 2015

I guess they figure that if they feed the rest of us to the collectivist dragon, they will at least get eaten last.

Gun owners for ‘gun control’ useful to anti-gunners for now


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Note the use of the ploy David refers to as "The Big But".

You make an affirmative statement

Insert "The Big But"

Then make a statement that effectively negates everything you previously stated.

For example, I once knew a girl who told me "I like sex as much as the next person BUT I won't do .

As far as I know she's still a virgin.

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
The line,"Gun owners for 'gun control' useful to anti-gunners for now." You left out a "Word!!" I included it in your rhetoric and it goes like this here......(With all due respects to David Allen Coe)...."Gun owners for 'gun control' useful (Idiots) to anti-gunners for now."
Got (Lots of) Gunz??,
If not,
Stock up,
while you still can!!,
Your man in Louisiana!!,

Happy D said...

File this one on the Quisling list.