Tuesday, May 12, 2015

"I fear we are seeing now the tip of the Obama racialist iceberg."

Gee, not so much satire anymore, is it? More like prophecy.
Victor Davis Hanson: "Does the First Lady Really Believe African Americans Have Been ‘Frustrated and Invisible’ for ‘Decades’?"
See also: "When the law becomes negotiable, civilization utterly collapses."


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Well, "racialist" is what Chicago is all about....having lived there for 12 years, I can tell you it is an extremely racially polarized place. Never got used to that, and didn't miss the ever present undercurrent of hostility toward whites that so many of the blacks living there have after I left.

Anonymous said...

Law is no longer negotiable. Negotiable implies it is possible to have somewhat of a rational discussion.

We currently live under the tyranny of petty bureaucrats who have way too much time on their hands and also have an over-entitled sense of self-righteousness.

The tyranny of the petty bureaucrats is aided and abetted by men in black robes who rule from prejudice rather than law.


Anonymous said...

This type of partisan meddling pisses me off like nothing else to the point that whenever a liberal meets with misfortune of any kind, I want to throw a block party. When one drops dead, mostly due to natural causes, (I would be extra celebratory if it was homicide), I 'tweet' my joy and satisfaction to the event by adding a link to the rock band Queen's song "Another one bites the dust".

Anonymous said...

...and if Hillary strokes out, falls and fatally hits her head, bows out of the campaign because of criminal indictment or is removed as a public threat for whatever reason, I will throw a block party to end all block parties. I'll hire Queen to come and perform 'another one bites the dust' ON MY STREET!

Bad Cyborg said...

Actually, I would contend that we have so far seen only a miniscule chip off the tip of the iceberg.

TIII said...

I was literally disgusted seeing this drivel today, cannot believe how openly honest and jokingly they are about the true progressive message. Mooch looks just like one of your killer red tomatoes.