Sunday, May 10, 2015

Harry Potter coming to the battlefield with his battle buddy Flash Gordon?

The US Army Is Serious About Developing Invisibility Cloaks
See also: The Army Is Testing Handheld Ray Guns


Anonymous said...

Hand held EMP (aka anti-drone and anti-communicaton) devices? Oh my.

I see the ongoing privatization of the global arms race going to a whole new level.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps some of these projects' Klingon advisers could be interviewed for more specifics.

Anonymous said...

WHY did congress pass the NADA law stating that the entire US is considered a "battlefield" ?
You know that the government fears fighting US more than fighting the Russkies or Chinks. As they SHOULD.

Long range, the Federal government and some states want to disarm us. That is why we should be developing our OWN strategy for fighting any "gestapo" troops ON OUR OWN TERMS and on the field of our choosing, including our front porches and in our back doors.

My answer to the high-tech insisibility cloaks and ray guns- molly cocktails, shotguns and snipers in well thought-out positions. And moats, walls, and foxholes concealed as landscaping features. Defensive features just outside your front and rear doors. You can imagine your own and improvise to plan a HOT reception for unwelcome visitors, whether from the govt or a wandering horde of "zombies".

Except for definding AGAINST them, I don't care WHAT the military is planning.My home defense is #1.

parabarbarian said...

An EMP pulser would make short work of a
fancy red dot sight, too.