Monday, May 4, 2015

File these under "Hardly Surprising."

A resounding 96% of adults surveyed said it was likely there would be additional racial disturbances this summer, a signal that Americans believe Baltimore’s recent problems aren’t a local phenomenon but instead are symptomatic of broader national problems.
In addition, you may recall my post on the obvious presence of white communists at the Baltimore riots.
Now we learn this: Study Finds “Presence of Professional Protesters to Incite More Violence” in Baltimore and Ferguson
Also, particularly noteworthy is the column "The Lord of the Flies Comes to Baltimore."
"The Lord of the Flies" was a novel written in 1954 by the English author William Golding. It describes what happens to a group of upper-class English schoolboys when their plane crash-lands on a deserted island and all the adults are killed. The kids try to build a society of their own, but with no adult guidance, they descend into tribalism and savagery. William Raspberry, a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer for the Washington Post, once invoked the book's title in a column to describe what was happening to young black men in inner cities across America. He said that without the civilizing influence of older men to guide them, young black men never develop an internal moral compass. They become castaways. I read Raspberry's essay after college and kept it for years. It spoke so well to what I saw in the 1980s when the crack epidemic first hit my neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

Having no moral compass also means that their sense of self-preservation would be lacking too, making them fight like those idiots in the middle east..i.e., hold your gun up over the wall ans spray a magazine in the general direction of the enemy, or sticking their rifle muzzle through a hole in the wall and firing, thinking they are relatively safe. Not!

If we have to fight these guys with urban combat, it'll be a turkey shoot.

Anonymous said...

According to the US Census, black Americans constitute less than 13% of the population. The vast majority are law-abiding productive citizens.

Collectivist policies and current economic policies have ensured that a generation of young black men have approached adulthood without the opportunity for a job or the steady hand and mind of a male adult role model.

It is unsurprising when criminals riot, if given the chance. It is sad when countless others join in for want of something constructive to do. Working people don't riot and destroy their own communities.

Exporting jobs to China ensured that many decent youth never get the opportunity to become invested in their community, and their country.

Is cheap junk worth the breakdown in society?

Anonymous said...

Never under estimate any predator. If you do, you and others will pay with your lives.

This now includes your predator governments, local, state and very much federal.