Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Georgia Only One: A real peach of an example of the upright lawman.

Georgia Sheriff Shot Woman, Would Not Give Statement


Anonymous said...

Well.....it's a black-on-black incident, so there won't be any riots by the local 4H yutes; and media attention will dwindle away shortly.

Anonymous said...

Gee I wish I could shoot someone and refuse to give a statement without being arrested or detained. That badge of his sure works wonders.

Anonymous said...

"When you're an active sheriff in the state of Georgia, there are certain legal requirements and steps that have to be taken," Doan, the Gwinnett County police spokesman, told reporters at the scene. "It's not just an average citizen where you can take out a warrant for their arrest."

And there's the core of the problem, the JBT problem.
I don't know what this fella did or didn't do and I'm not claiming I do. I am sharing this salient point - title of nobility. This country was set up with this one basic principal among some others - the law has to apply to EVERYONE - or there is no rule of law at all. The little average people eh?

Might as well call us subjects, objects or even property. Time to strip away the evils that are qualified immunity and prosecutorial discretion! Two tools of tyrants that MUST be destroyed!

Jimmy the Saint said...

The guy is an epic bad cop: shot a real estate person; shot his wife; fired 27 deputies for being white (and the resulting judgments have left him significantly poorer); and he's already survived one racketeering trial.

The good news is, I think we now know who Hillary will appoint to USAG if she wins.

Anonymous said...

Was she white?

FedUp said...

I think the law was severely misquoted by an inept or lying police mouthpiece.

You need a warrant, and not just any magistrate can issue it, to arrest a cop for his performance in the line of duty. Looking at a house is not part of the sheriff's duties, and nothing he did in the course of that is protected.

It's the Just-Us system at work. If I negligently plugged my realtor, I'd go straight to jail pending arraignment. If a cop does it, well, we have to investigate the incident fully before we can risk traumatizing him with being on the wrong side of the cage door.

Jack Crabb said...

I guess its a safe bet to say this idiot is NOT a constitutional sheriff?