Thursday, May 7, 2015

David Codrea knocks it out of the park in his Guns Magazine column.

“I Will Not Comply”
The authorities, used to being obeyed, don’t know what to do now that their bluff has been called. They understand they don’t have the resources to go after any but a statistically insignificant percentage of “scofflaws,” no matter how loudly indignant urban newspaper editorials demand they do just that. . .
Still, when an edict passes that there’s no getting around, one we won’t be able to vote our way out of or sue our way around, when we see that the right delayed is, in fact, a right denied, you and I are going to have a decision to make. No one can make it for us.
What will you do if ordered to register your firearms? What will you do if ordered to surrender them because they have been declared “illegal”? Will you obey political and judicial criminals betraying their oaths to the “supreme Law of the Land,” or will you resolve “I will not comply”?


Anonymous said...

I will just keep voting. LOL


MtTopPatriot said...

"Will you obey political and judicial criminals betraying their oaths to the “supreme Law of the Land,” or will you resolve “I will not comply”?"

Yes it is obvious this is what it will come down to, it is where it is heading, barring some miracle or divine intervention by God, we are a nation where nobody is going to escape the consequences of the destruction underway of our liberty.

I think this sordid state of administrative tyranny and the threat and use of force and violence which enables it proceeds apace, basically the power to do whatever this cabal of tyrants wants to do, I think they will do so until those they run roughshod over, learn they can do whatever they want also. And until that paradigm arrives there is literally nothing standing in the way of that tyranny.

But I'm not saying anything new, nor is that truth which just was discovered. And that is it right there, everything one is about hinges upon the truth, and if we as individuals and a plurality ignore this truth we might as well give up now.
Somehow though, my gut tells me it won't be so, that the truth of us, of the tyrants, is well understood, if only at a primal level. And that is a good thing. It is easy to misunderstand complacency or apathy for just plain ole wanting to be left alone, and not to be incessantly meddled with and threatened by this or that diktat or "law" or "regulation" from on high by a system of arrogant motherfuckers who have this psychopathic notion they can do whatever they fucking well please.
At some point enough is really enough, and all the protections those mandarins and their lackeys enjoy, don't amount to a bucket of warm spit. They ignore the reality no matter how flawed or full of warts and conspiracy the idea of rule of law and rights on a piece of parchment may be, all this power of government, all the cronyism and statist fascist bullshit, our liberty and freedom, our happiness, it all ends at the barrels of everyones guns.
And that I believe is what it is all about, guns. It all comes down to guns. Who has them, who controls them, who uses them, who uses them for what purpose, and who is not afraid of using them to defend themselves, their family and tribe, and what they believe in and stand for. Everything else is bullshit or secondary to this truth.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes in life you have a line to cross and IMHO there are lines that you cross that to go back is near or truly impossible once crossed.

Tyrants never stop nor are they ever satisfied, there will always be more control touted because without complete control there can be no true tyranny.

The more lines to be crossed and decisions that people need to make about liberty the more people who will chose liberty but not everyone, IMHO not even a majority for that matter but enough and that folks is what the III% is all about if you don't already know.

I believe Liberty will win in the end, if not in my lifetime then let this be for me;

Death before slavery!

Comrade X

Cameraman said...

Mt Top nailed it..its all going to boil down to who is willing to Take up Arms against this Cabal of Communist now in Control....Nothing else really matters as they fully intend to disarm and enslave us.even if they are allowed to strike first..the War they want will Come as no Surprise to Patriots that are awake, as for the rest I say Good luck,and Gods Speed!!

Semper Fi

Anonymous said...

My new issue of Guns just arrived today and I look forward to reading David's column.