Thursday, May 14, 2015

Checking for chipmunks, collectivist congresscritter cogitates coitally crippling Constitution.

"Checking for squirrels" (see also, "checking for chipmunks"): euphemism for female masturbation. -- Urban Dictionary.
Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman targets online ammunition sales
Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-12) will introduce a bill in congress Tuesday to place restrictions on the sale of ammunition online.
The bill would require that federally licensed ammunition dealers confirm the identify of their customers by verifying a photo identification and if those customers purchase more than 1,000 rounds within five consecutive days, their identifies would be passed along to the U.S. Attorney General.
"This gives the ability to monitor large ammunition purchases and flag them for law enforcement," said Watson Coleman.
Methinks this collectivist congresscritter is checking her chipmunk.
(By the way, I think that is the longest alliterative headline I've ever attempted.)


PO'd American said...

Reading this article made me use the "C" word several times and it wasn't "chipmunk." These NorEasters are a collective lot of BrainDeads.

Anonymous said...

Here is an instance where what I've been saying will work.
Stop giving even a penny to the NRA and SAF. Use those monies to directly buy guns and ammo. Refuse to even participate in their gun banning drama - stop begging them to stop only to make s deal.... DARE THEM TO PASS THIS GARBAGE!!!! The worse (from our perspective the BETTER!).


The WORSE the "common sense legislation is - the easier the standing hurdle can be jumped and the harder it is for the freaks to defend in COURT where they can be sanctioned for LYING and nailed on the merits of a FUNDAMENTAL factor.

We shoot ourselves in the foot doing the same legislative begging over and over. We must assemble and TELL THE TRUTH as Mike V is doing, ignore their fucking dictatorial unconstitutional mandates and bans and EXERCISE OUR RIGHTS despite their intimidation tactics.

Have yall figured out that when it comes to guns and gun rights it's the inner city blacks that are more free ACTING than the rest of us?? They've LONG IGNORED this dictation and been willing to risk jail to defend their own lives.

Wake up folks. Only by exercising our rights will we eu this fight.

Ed said...

I would be more worried about a potential arsonist purchasing gasoline, but what fun is in it bothering all the motorists?

Anonymous said...

Oh maw maw collectivist Coleman it would or should dawn on you that practice (expenditure of ammunition regularly at NON-Human targets repeatedly) makes
perfect to avoid harming innocents.What training did you see to it that your own 2 sons received and how did they get guns in NJ?Oh that's right out of the trunk of a car.

"Then last November, two of Ms. Watson Coleman's sons -- William Carter-Watson, 21, and Jared C. Coleman, 19 -- pleaded guilty to first-degree armed robbery in the heist of a Kids ''R'' Us clothing store in the Mercer Mall last March, and now face up to seven years in prison."

NY Times, May 5, 2002

My gawd they'll be getting out soon,..gasp.

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