Tuesday, May 12, 2015

An excellent series -- with lessons for today, and possible tomorrows. Texas Mounted Arms in the Civil War.

Texas Mounted Arms in the Civil War (Part I).
Texas Expeditionary Cavalry in the West (Part II).
Texas Mounted Arms in the Civil War (Part III)
Defending Texas' Frontier in the Civil War Part IV)
I am awaiting Part Five with anticipation.


Scavenger7 said...

Very good read, Mike. Could prove usefull if things keep going the way they are.

By the way, the 5th one is out now.

Anonymous said...

A really good read. Part V is available.
I thought the following comment from the article telling:
”Edmund Kirby Smith, commanding the Confederate Trans-Mississippi, likewise lamented the general lack of available firearms for the citizen-soldiers, attesting that “the people and the State Troops, which are called out, know they cannot be armed. Despondent and disheartened, they have little hope of the result.”

So I pray that we do not lose our 2nd Amendment rights otherwise we could be despondent and disheartened as Commander Smith lamented.