Sunday, May 3, 2015

A single reply so far from the Oregon state legislature.

In response to my "Open Letter to the Oregon House of Representatives," I have received so far this single reply:
I am a FIRM NO as are ALL of the Republicans in the House.
I strongly urge contacting the Democrats and reminding them!
Thank you,
Representative Bill Post
House District 25


Anonymous said...

Funny, that's a similar answer we get in NYS from legislators concerning the not-so-safe act..until it's time to vote on repeals of said act, then, all of a sudden they forget all about their firm NO..If in Oregon they're anything like here in NY then they work hand-in-hand in a criminal enterprise; no different than the Gambino's and the Luchese's ..

Anonymous said...

We will not believe you because you say so. We will believe you when you do so.

Rivitman said...

Because republicans have proven their trustworthiness and and adherence to their stated convictions, over and over again.


Anonymous said...

Bill Post overall is a good man and hosted a local radio show in his area. That said, he's a rock ribbed Republican who still believes in the system and the party. He had a little twitter squabble with Glen Beck a year or two ago over supporting the GOP financially. He does not strike me as a fan of civil disobedience actions like open carry protests.

Anonymous said...

Then he is not a "good man"....

And by your own contradictory words he's not!
He's just another party politician sacrificing our liberty with impunity. Why try to absolve him?

Anonymous said...

No means no unless we actually mean yes.