Monday, May 11, 2015

A Martin Luther Of Gun Rights?

“We’re Not in Mayberry Anymore, Toto.”


Galaxie_Man said...

Since I live behind enemy lines in Kommiecticut and already participate in armed civil disobedience, what's a little more, right? I carry EVERYWHERE. Church, banks, US Post Office, state police barracks (take that Commissioner Schriro), state forests (forbidden by law), SCHOOLS, etc. Anywhere that does not have a metal detector at the door, I enter carrying concealed. Where there is a metal detector, the firearm is secured in my vehicle and I walk quickly and directly to the front door. I hope to either die a peaceful death in old age, or during a high risk adrenaline charged activity (firefighting, zip-line riding, racing, etc.), never having to unholster a firearm to engage a jihadist pig or punk-ass thug.

If I have no evil intent and my weapon stays concealed in its holster, please tell me again who was harmed?

Bad Cyborg said...

Galaxie_Man, even if you were carrying openly, nobody would be harmed. A couple of life members of NANN (the National Assotiation of Nervous Nellies) would likely get their panties in a bunch but getting your knickers in a knot does not constitute suffering harm.

Anonymous said...

With ISIS threatening us within our borders, what better target than unarmed Christian infidels meeting in their house of worship? Wouldn't get much sympathy from the heathen left, either.