Monday, March 9, 2015

Yeah, how's that armed civil disobedience workin' out for ya?

Governor: No 'Appetite' for More Gun Control in Connecticut
"Wadsworth2" has a pertinent comment at the link:
It is interesting that the AP missed one of the principal reasons why Gov Malloy believes that there is no appetite for more gun control. In a first step towards confiscation, Connecticut enacted a law requiring registration of numerous semi-automatic rifles. The law had significant penalties for failure to register. Gun owners basically gave the governor and the state legislature the finger and said "come and get us"; compliance was estimated at less than 15%. The state government backed down and failed to enforce the law.
Here's the CCDL response to the Sandy Hook Final Report.


Anonymous said...

I remember the article about the Sandy Hook commission being loaded will collectivist politicians. Not even one Fudd, to make it appear non-partisan.

I don't think Dannell and his friends have the same life insurance company as we do.

Connecticut used to proudly host the home offices of most of the major insurance companies, until taxation and over regulation forced them to find new homes.

Only one life insurance company is nationwide. See your local agent with any concerns.

Anonymous said...

Mallory has 'no appetite' for more gun control. Let's add "at this time"

They will never quit with their efforts.

Liberty or Death said...

What concerns me about our Life Insurance is the fedcoats will go after the fringe people, the ones we really are embarrassed to have first. Of course, no one will do anything about them and the feds will work their way through and around the Patriot Movement incrementally knowing nothing will be done. Also, lies will be told and evidence planted to make Patriots look like the worst of criminal scum. Be ready for Patriots to be "found with" child porn on their computers, tax evasion, whatever. We must move to protect them in good faith as "evidence" can be manufactured and "witnesses" found.

Anonymous said...

Malloy, Lawlor and all their anointed freedom hating collectivist ilk can all go fuck themselves!!! In plain English. The no -knock jack boots ,need to choose a side. Not just a paycheck and a pension. Will they honor their oaths ? The Constitution/Bill of Rights takes precedence over any arbitrary illegal law that is passed on a local, state or federal level. Their kind have been usurping ,our God given Rights for 100 years now . And all we have done is Retreat!!! Believe me the Tree of Liberty is under nourished ,withered and practically dead. Collectivist, Progressive, Common Sense Gun Disarmament, Ammo laws. Kiss my arse !!! We piss on our Founder's Republic, Honor, Blood and Memory. They would not believe how we have let tyrants destroy every thing they fought ,bled and died for. Behind Enemy Lines in Unconstitutional, Collectivist Ct. We Will Not Stand Down. AAA/O. 11B20.

GA Patriot said...

"No appetite"' eh? That's just because one of Malloy's pet commissioners let the confiscation cat out of the bag too soon. With disobedience so high now, they really will open a can of unintended consequences if they tried to implement the proposals.

Anonymous said...

I wish that 15% compliance number was true, but that math doesn't add up. The truth is 15% is probably about the non-compliance number.